R.M.T ? Not For Me

Hi there, hope you are well and earning enough.
This weeks blog was going to be a very lighthearted look at my 7 years of driving a cab around London and i was also going to do a little piece on the way that I have mixed up pieces of London in the past IE; when I was about 8 or 9 I told my dad that I could see birds nests in the ovary, instead of aviary, as we went past regents park zoo. He still laughs at me about that nearly 40 years later.

But some things have happened this week that made me change my mind and write this instead.
It started with Steve telling me that there were over 600 cab drivers who had joined the R.M.T union in the last few months. Then on yesterdays news there was a report that the wonderful Mr Bob Crow had gone to LHR to meet with the cabbies there to sort out the problems that are ongoing about the introduction of mini cab ranks in the terminals.
Then this morning Steve tells me that he has heard rumours of blockades and strikes at LHR to make BAA think again.

Well I am not a very political person and have never been in a union,probably because I have always been self employed since the day that I left school, but I thought that unions were for the EMPLOYED person to protect them from their EMPLOYER. Now correct me if I am wrong but we are all self employed so therefore we will be joining a union to protect us from exploitation by ourselves!

Now I know that there is a lot wrong with the trade and that there is a lot of bad feeling about the mini cab ranks at LHR but there must be another way of fighting it. Maybe its about time that those of us that are in the L.T.D.A and L.C.D.C got in touch with Bob Oddie and co to see what they are doing and if necessary demand that they do more for their money.

What I don’t see is that Bob Crow is going to be our saviour.

What I can see happening is this. The R.M.T call for a blockade of LHR and all the cabbie members that have joined up, rally to the call, there they are standing by their cabs for a photo opportunity for the press while the roads into and out of the airport are at a standstill. Meanwhile  all the punters that are stuck jump onto the Heathrow express to be met by the grateful cabbies that still rank at Paddington or worse still book a mini cab with AL because they are pissed off with the delays that we have caused at the airport.

Then powers that be at BAA getting a call,from the 2 minicab firms that have caused the problems in the first place, saying that if the black cab fraternity don’t want the work we will do it. And then the next step is BAA shutting down the feeder park and handing the work lock stock and barrel over to the scabs.

Can you imagine the feeder park going the same way as the Granby Gill and being full of  A Lee mpvs!

And the other thing is when the RMT call the next tube strike ,which they do on a regular basis, big bad Bob will be there calling for solidarity with the brothers and demanding that we don’t  cross the picket lines, which will no doubt be set up at the entrance to every station in London.

Also does anybody know how many minicab drivers are members of the same union? You could end up with a situation where you are asked to support your mpv driving brothers in some dispute with their   bosses and man the baracades outside some of the account customers that they have taken from us in the first place!

Now I am not saying that we have to take this laying down but there must be a better way than signing up with the R.M.T.

Well thats me done for now and I will be back next week with something a little more light hearted, cheers Del Boy.

9 Responses to “R.M.T ? Not For Me”

  1. Dizzy says:

    Secondary action is illegal.

    The RMT have made no plans to block the airport.

    Bob Crow only does what his members ask him to.

    The LTDA are deadwood, and the club are too lightweight.

    The RMT is the only one who can save us.

    Militancy is always the last resort.

  2. givati says:

    sorry mate but you are naive if you think that addison lee can remove the taxis from heathrow. that would take an act of parliment

    well done to the RMT

  3. derek says:

    Dizzy you are right ,secondary action is illegal but that doesn’t stop it happening though. You only have to look at what happened a couple of weeks ago at the fuel refineries, and as for militancy being the last resort I watched the u tube piece of Bob Crow talking at the airport and in a 3 1/2 minute speech it took him less than 1 min to talk about taxi drivers striking. His exact words are” the 1 thing with you people is that you all self employed so we don’t have to balot for strike action ,you just don’t come to work”
    As for AL removing the taxi trade from heathrow,that isn’t what I said. What I said was that if the taxi drivers upset BAA enough then they , BAA, would replace us with AL. As I see it BAA run the airport and as a PLC they can run it as they see fit.
    If you see the R.M.T and Bob Crow as the saviour of the london taxi trade then god help us all.
    I agree that the LTDA and co are weak but there must be better way than signing up with the RMT.
    The question that nobody has answered is how many mini cab drivers have joined the RMT? After all you say that the union only does what it’s members want them to do, what if there are more mini cab members than taxi drivers, who are the union going to stand up for then?

  4. CSP says:

    There are and will NEVER be private-hire driver’s in the RMT.

    They have the option to join the GMB.

    Hope this clears this confusion.

  5. teextwo says:

    Theres nothing like a blogger that doesnt know what he’s talking about, im not an RMT member, but because I keep in touch on the LTDForum, I knew the inaccuracies and the above answers before they were given. If I knew then the blogger should of known.

  6. derek says:

    Why should the blogger have known that mini cab drivers can’t join the RMT?,If you look at the original piece I was asking if anybody out there knew if there were any mini cab members of the RMT. If I had known the answer I wouldn’t have asked the question would I.

  7. John says:

    The RMT is the future, a well organised trade union with a excellent legal deaprtment…

    The branch set policy and drivers meet on a regualr basis unlike the LTDA and the LCDC who don’t hold branch meetings. The present trade organisations are at best rudderless and seem unable to comprehend the problems we the working drivers face.

    LTDA reckon they have 8,000 members so are they really telling us that none of these members ever go to a meeting ?

    Look at where we are and remember who is presently leading/led these organisations…

  8. Seb says:

    While it,s true we are self employed,in reality th PCO dictate all our rules even down to what we can charge!With the stroke of a pen they can ruin our trade.This is why we must unite,make no mistake P.H means to destroy our trade they are organised and skillful lobbyists it,s Bus Lanes next,we have to stop them.

  9. steve says:

    although you say you are self employed which is true your conditions of work are controlled by the pco or tfl and these people wish to see the end of the hackney carrage taxi as we know it. i my self have been a cab driver for 25 years part of this a member of the ltda and in my view they are great for a cheap holidays or insurances but think they have totally let the trade down we are under attack from touts pedicabs satalite offices ect ect and they have done nothing we are now desperate for help since the rmt have been going for a short period theres been more publicity on all taxi policys for as long and i can remember and think they have at last made the ltda wake up and hopefully not to late i say lets get all the help we can from who ever we can cause i promise you. you wont find it at the pco or tfl

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