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Hello there everybody, hope you are well and earning enough. I have had a busy few days, not very profitable but fairly busy with people to write on here about.

It started on tuesday about 3am , when I was hailed by a Japanese bloke in Piccadilly Circus. He was on the phone as he got in and continued the conversation after he had sat down, and he still hadn’t told me where we were going. As I was blocking the jcn I turned into Shaftsbury Ave and pulled up outside the pizza stall while I was waiting for the fella to tell me where he was going.

After another couple of mins he eventually handed me the phone so I asked the person on the other end what was happening. The voice on the other end said “this young lady is very drunk” . “fine” I replied,” but whats that got to do with me?”  “well its your problem isn’t it” the voice replied “I dont think so, I am just a cab driver with a punter that doesn’t seem to know where he is going and a very quickly reducing patience threshold, so could you tell me what is going on before I dump him back on the street and go to look for another job!”

The voice then changed and explained that he was a policeman who had found a very drunk girl wandering in the middle of the Theobalds Rd and was worried that she would come to some harm, he also said that she couldn’t speak english. So after assertaining that the girl and fella were supposed to be together , and getting an assurance from the police that the girl wasn’t falling over drunk, being sick or wanting a fight I headed off to Theobalds Rd to reunite the eastern lovebirds.

When I arrived the policeman (or should that be officer? in these politically correct times) was  talking to the young lady and then brought her to the cab, where the fella in the back got all excited and started to gabble away to her very loudly. I havn’t got a clue what they were saying because it was all in Japanese. The girl then got into the cab and the copper came to the window and thanked me for taking her off their hands. I thought that it would be a good idea to ask him where I was supposed to be taking them being as he had asked me to pick them up and he said that he had no idea. So I suggested that he ask them as otherwise I would have to let them back out where we were.

After a couple of mins of pidgeon english and a bit of head shaking we discovered that they wanted to go to Oxford St. So off we go to Oxford St ,where after a bit of pointing and head scratching they got out near Selfridges aand gave me a nice £5 tip.

After I had dropped the Japanese couple off I turned round and went back up Oxford street and was stopped by a rather large fella and his equally rotund mate who was on crutches, when I stopped another fella who was probably larger than the other 2 put together, appeared from behind a bus and after they had all got in they told me that they wanted to go to Heavens club. So off we go and on the way there the fella on crutches started to chat to me through the window and said that he had had his leg broken by a cab. One of the other fellas shouted that they were not gay and were only going to have a look!

On Weds as I came down the M1 I got an account job from Wembley park stn going to Westminster stn. When I arrived I called in for the details and was told that the job was cancelled. To say I wasn’t pleased was an understatement but there was not a lot I could do,so off I set into town.

As I pulled up at the traffic lights at Bridge Rd & Forty Lane a rather drunk bloke came over and said Baker St ? Jump in I said and off we went.  He was asleep almost as soon as we left and when we arrived I had to shout to wake him up. Once he was awake and saw how much was on the meter he told me that he had fallen asleep on the tube and that it was probably the most expensive tube ride he had ever had.

About 5am on Weds as I went down Constitution Hill I saw what looked like a cool box,or chillie bin as the Aussies call them, just left by the wall opposite the Palace. Now I am not the sort of fella who panics but when I see random things like this I always try to find a copper, as we are always told to do, and tell them what I have seen. So I went round to Buckingham Palace Rd and found a Policeman in his hut at the tour entrance. After I had managed to get him to come out and talk to me he couldn’t have been less interested, it was almost as if he wanted me to go and sort it out myself. If I see something like that again I would probably  do the same but it makes we wonder if it is worth it.

Another thing that I saw on weds was a new electric bus being delivered toWhitehall,apparently it is one of a new fleet of clean buses being unveiled in the city that are being funded by the gov and I thought that these bus companies were private companies! Anyway the thing that made me laugh was the fact that it was being delivered on a huge great diesel drinking  truck.

bus 2bus 1

On Thursday I left at my usual time but was feeling rather tired after a hot night and our neighbours 2 dogs making more noise than the crowd at a QPR home game, so I was quite glad to get an LUL job that included a 1 hour wait at Wembley Pk. The job started at Harold Wood stn and as I was going down the A406 by Palmers Green we were held up by an accident, now I am not a goulish person and try to get by these scenes asap, but on this occasion we had to filter down to 1 lane and couldn’t help but see what was going on . There was a young lady laying in the road and 2 cars that had been in a collision. Now I am not going to guess at what had happened but I will say that the girl was dressed as if she had been out for the night and there were some other people around that were also dressed up.

The young lady didn’t look to be in a good way and as we went past I couldn’t help but think how sad it was that a night out should end like that.

I do hope that the girl and everybody else involved in this accident are all ok.

After I had had my hours rest I felt slightly better but couldn’t shake the feeling of sadness over the sight that I had seen earlier and decided that I would have an early day and go and see my sons,daughter and granddaughter on the way home. So I gave them a call and we went to Harrow for a McDonalds and after a couple of hours with them my mood was a lot better, it was made even better later in the day when my daughter gave birth to her son so now we are a 2 grandchild family.

Friday was a quiet day really with the only noteworthy thing being a job to Stratford Stn. I picked up a young  aussie couple  in Oxford st and took them to Stratford and on the way they were saying how they had missed any of the rain that we had had during the time that they had been in England. after I had dropped them off I turned back into Stratford High Rd went over Bow flyover and found that the road was soaked,almost flooded in fact. It would appear that there had been a storm in east London and I had missed it all!.

The day finished with a visit to see my daughter and her new son,which was probably the perfect end to the week.

As I sit writing this I have realised that it is 7 years to the day (4th July) that I passed the knowledge so I have now had my badge for as long as it took me to get the bloody thing!!.

Thats me done for now. cheers Del Boy.

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