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Bad drivers & Piss takers

Hi everyone
As I was driving up Park La north bound a car decides to cut in front of me, one of those boy racers showing off in front of his mates no doubt ! then he keeps braking for no apparent reason, and as we approach Grosvenor Gate he turns right through the no entry [...]


Messed up London

Hi everyone,
Covent Garden.
I picked up from Charterhouse Square EC1 and they wanted to go to Claridges, W1 so off we went!I left Smithfield Mkt and turned left into Farringdon St,  I was mentally debating whether to go down the Embankment or Fleet St, not a good  start to my journey… In hindsight I would have [...]


R.M.T ? Not For Me

Hi there, hope you are well and earning enough.
This weeks blog was going to be a very lighthearted look at my 7 years of driving a cab around London and i was also going to do a little piece on the way that I have mixed up pieces of London in the past IE; when I was about [...]


more from the world of Del Boy

Hello there everybody, hope you are well and earning enough. I have had a busy few days, not very profitable but fairly busy with people to write on here about.
It started on tuesday about 3am , when I was hailed by a Japanese bloke in Piccadilly Circus. He was on the phone as he got in [...]


What a day

Hi everyone, My day started just like any other day but ended like no other. While writing this blog, the wife,  Alexandra is cat sitting Lester’s four cats while they are away on their hols. While p.o.b to Waterloo Stn, driving up Farringdon Street I saw a cab driver  face to face with [...]

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