What a week

Hi everyone,

When the Chelsea Flower Show is on, we have a couple of ranks,  one on the Chelsea Embankment which feeds into the main entrance which we call the Bull Ring, the other one at the opposite side to the show on Royal Hospital Road. While waiting on the rank on Royal Hospital Rd, I was watching  the  ‘Community police officer’ who was at the time trying to direct the traffic.  She was just making sure that the cabbies didn’t drop their punters outside the entrance to the flower show, in fear of blocking the road. Now, wouldn’t that be silly to actually drop someone off right outside the place where they wanted to be.

But she wasn’t fast enough to catch everyone, when I eventually got a job my
passenger wanted to go back into town,  so I did a u-turn and all I could hear was ‘what are you doing?’ and then she was pretending to write down my reg number, I thought to myself what is this woman on?

The next day I was back but this time at the main entrance and they would allow us to have 4 cabs in the bull ring and about 4 cabs waiting on the embankment ready to feed round when needed.  I managed to just squeeze on the back of the rank. Guess who managed to show her ugly head? yep you guessed right that bossy, mouthy, PCSO  who was at the other entrance the previous day and she still managed to criticize me for the way that I joined the back of this rank.

I asked her why she screamed at me the other day and she said because I did a u-turn, I said I was allowed to but she said it wasn’t you turning but it was the way you did it!  I asked her what was wrong with it but she wouldn’t answer and  said ‘ leave me alone, I’m to busy’. I thought you’re not to busy to scream and shout at people are ya, she wouldn’t answer.

Thats her below, she stopped and smiled when she saw me taking this photo.


The next day I was back again, this time she manged to keep her mouth shut and just smile and walk away. When I reached the head off the rank there was another marshal keeping us in order and said to me there isn’t a rank here.  I said that  we’ve been ranking up here all week so what’s going on,  he replied that they’re waiting for a coach to arrive and that we’re in the way. It  seems to be the norm the way we get treated these days, no respect whatsoever!

Dodgy cab driver.

Quite a while back I mentioned about a Vito driver on Dial a Cab who cut me up in Maida Vale. Well, I saw him again on the 8th of May driving towards Fleet St,  as before I was a couple of cars in front of him and without me noticing someone must have cut in front of him, because he did what he’s good at and that’s getting his own back, he’s pulled out on the opposite side of the road, managed to get in front of me and his target car, he put his arm out of the window as to say sorry then proceeds to finish the job and  gets on the inside lane and in front of the target car and then puts on his brakes coming to a complete halt, he gets out and walks round the back of his van ( for the kill ), obviously to have a go, then he got back in and drove off.


This cab driver needs to take some form of anger management classes, this is about the fourth time I’ve seen him and each time he’s having a go at someone.

Zuma bar.

Thursday,  4th June I left home my usual time, nothing much to talk about up to my break but after, things seem to get a bit more exciting. First off all, I ranked up at the Zuma bar in Knightsbridge, there must have been at least 25 paparazzi photographers waiting for one of the contestants of Big brother to arrive at the bar and when she did, they went crazy, they were like bees to honey. It reminds me when Ron Jemery was in the back of my cab with a busty brunet, they to were all over him I mean the paparazzi, while he was all over her.

Nobu restaurant.

As the night goes on the old bill are double parked along Berkeley St, near to the Nobu restaurant and it looks like they are nicking one of the minicab drivers.  It’s hard to tell when you can’t hear what’s going on though.


I know one thing while the old bill were there, we weren’t. They were the ones blocking the road for a change, we just keep circling the block till they left then it was back to normal.

Old Eurostar terminal.

Later on that night we got a message on our terminal telling us there was a function on at the old Eurostar terminal at Waterloo Stn. On my first pick up I met one of the Dial a Cab’s marshals, named Steve (what a great name) and we got chatting he told me that Boris has turned up on his bike then he left later with a young lady and bike in the back of a cab.

Also there were Liz Hurley, the function was in aid of a charity called ARK, Absolute Return for kids, each ticket cost 10 grand, thats a lot of dosh, all for a good cause though.

Thats all for now, be lucky, Steve.

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  1. Del Boy says:

    10 grand? thats not a lot for you Steve, you should have got 2.

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