smiths bar

Hi there , just a quick note about a job last night.
I picked 2 fellas up in smithfield market about 200 yds from Smiths bar. one wanted to go to Russell sq & the other went to the Thistle Marble Arch. As we went on our way the 2 blokes & I were having a bit of a chat and the subject of touts came up. The fellas told me that in the couple of hundred yards they had walked before they flagged me down they were accosted about 10 times by people asking if they wanted a mini cab. These 2 fellas were suited and booted and not the sort of people you would think the touts would try it on with but it would appear that they have no shame ,or fear of the law, and feel that everybody that walks through the Farringdon area are fair game.
As a ps to this journey ,when I dropped the last fella off I was approached by a mini cab driver who, after calling me brother, asked me to change a rather dodgy looking £50 note. I will leave you to guess at my response.
Cheers, Del Boy

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