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Hi everyone Going back to December last year,the day before I went on holiday someone drove into the back of me, I’m still waiting to settle that claim.

The first letter I receive from their insurers is,bitching over the cost of a car wash.Now I get a further letter accusing me of changing lanes at the last moment,thereby reducing his braking distance,which is a load of codswallop.

They content that both versions of events are equally plausible and as such,they feel that liability should be settled on a 50/50 split liability basis. I have know written back declining the proposition,and that I feel that it is unacceptable,also the length of time it is taking to settle this claim, and I have given them a deadline before I consider legal advise. As the saying goes, watch this space. Moving on.

Sometimes I go to work feeling under par, I don’t feel like working let alone helping people but this particular day I picked up this guy with crutches and he was struggling to get in the cab, I sat there waiting impatiently for him to get in the back, on our way we had to pick his mate up who was also using crutches,he managed to get in the cab ok, when we arrived at our destination I helped the first guy to get out,he could hardly stand.

There was me complaining to myself about being tired,when these two guys could hardly stand, how they must have felt. I made a pledge not to always think of myself but to help others in greater need.

Derek called me the other day asked if I can put a clip from you-tube on the site, I said I’ll try,It’s not really my department but I’ll give it a go,so be patient Del, I’m working on it.

I just hope I don’t upset my technical resource man Lester to much, I know how much he enjoys doing this sort of thing, being the gadget geek he is lol.

This piece should really be on my celebs page or not. Michael Barrymore keeps popping up with his bunch of cronies at our restaurant the Stockpot, in the Kings road, every time he sits next to us he asks if he can move to another table, I know Trevor and Errol can be quite loud at times or maybe he just can’t stand the three of us rambling on, who knows. Moving on again.

A common site these days is to see Pedi cycles parked up outside theatres,clubs and anywhere else they think they might be able to nick our work.

20090423_47This is the Shaftesbury theatre in Shaftesbury av.

As you can see from this picture we can’t even rank up to take the work which is rightfully ours.

This is going on all over the capital.

It’s about time we reclaimed it back.

Remember the’re not licenced,not insured,not taxed and most of them can’t ride a bike correctly and also they haven’t a clue to where they are going, when you do eventually get to your destination, they will charge you a lot of money, from what I have heard a local trip from trafalgar square to Waterloo stn at least 10 pound and double that with two of you.That’s more then what we would charge, also w1 cars would charge you a score  from Leicester Square to Waterloo.

Be lucky Steve.

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