Lazy Days

Hello everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.
As the title of this piece suggests I have had a lazy few days. I worked on Good Friday and it was quite busy, almost as busy as it was last year. I had a couple of good jobs through the night, including one from knightsbridge to Hornchurch which was a nice little run. The second part of the day was full of little runs to various stations, mostly from Tottenham Ct Rd.  About 5.30 I was coming up from Charing Cross Rd into Tottenham Ct Rd and saw a fella with a couple of suitcases standing about 100 yards up on the left.

 As I sat at the lights I saw a  Jag X type pull over next to the fella and the man with the cases had a quick word with the driver  then the car shot off. When I pulled away from the lights the suitcase man put his hand up and flagged me down. “Paddington station” he said when he got in, so off we went. As we were going up T C R I asked him about the Jag and he told me that the driver had told him that he was a mini cab and could pick him up the same as a London Taxi could. My punter was American but had lived here for a few years and knew that the driver was telling porkies so gave him short shift!  When we got to the top of the road we saw the Jag again, this time he had stopped outside of  Warren Street Station and was talking to a young lad.  As we pulled alongside the car the young lad was going through his pockets and seemed to be counting his money. I shouted out of the window and the driver just gave me the finger! The Jag didn’t have any little green badges in the window, so it seems that it isn’t just miniscabs that are out there trying to nick our work.

Over the weekend Lyn and I had a lazy few days which included going to visit my daughter and her little girl, then we went over to see my parents, who have got my cousin from New Zealnd and her daughter visiting. We did a bit of work in the garden but mostly we had a glass or two of wine and just “vegged out”.

I went back to work on Tuesday evening and found that there were not a lot of people about so it was a case of just grabbing whatever account work there was, which was not a lot.

The work didn’t get much better over the next 2 days, but I did manage to hit my target so I can’t complain.

On Friday morning I was going up Tottenham Ct Rd and saw a TX2 with a Dartford licence plate pick up a punter. I don’t know if he was pre-booked but it certainly didn’t look that way to me. The cab had a livery, Jamician Airways I think it was, so keep a look out for it when you are out there.

Well thats me done for now I shall be back in the next few days with more goings on.

Cheers, Del Boy.

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