Every ones a critic !

Hi there everybody,hope you are well and earning enough.

After my last couple of weeks where I have spent more time at the garage than most of the mechanics that work there I was hoping for a trouble free few days. So when I set out on Tuesday morning and got an account job almost straight away things were looking up. The job was a nice easy run through town from Chiswick to Mile End and was completed with no fuss, a quick turn around and then  back into the city to look for my next victim. This proved a bit harder than usual ,probably because of the easter holidays, and I didn’t get one until I was opposite the Landmark hotel. This was an Eastern European “lady” and an Italian fella who wanted to go to Pembridge Sq,so off we go over the flyover ,through Bishops bridge etc and end up turning left into Pembridge Sq. As I pulled into the kerb there was £10.20 on the meter,” £10 for cash” I tell them through the window and the woman hands me a £50 note. “got anything smaller?” I ask and the reply comes back

as, “no I fu**ing haven’t,you’re the cab driver and you should have the change!!” So I tried to explain that I had just started work for the night and that I, like most cab drivers ,don’t carry that amount of money on me at the start of the day.

“Not my problem” she replied,she then turned to the fella and said this cab driver is a f”"*king  joke, if he doesn’t have the change he will have to give me the £50 back. Now I’m not in the charity business so I suggested that we go to the cash point up the road so they could get something smaller to pay me with but this suggestion was met with a shout of “no F*%$ing way “. So we are at stalemate and I am getting the right hump, but as I still had their money I decided that the best solution was to go left onto  Notting Hill Gate and up to the petrol station,where I put a tenners worth of diesel in the cab, then took them back to Pembridge Sq and handed the “lady” her change. All the time we were driving and while I was putting the diesel in she never stopped swearing and moaning. When I dropped them off  I suggested that the next time they get in a cab they may want to ask if the driver has change of a fifty, this idea was met with a very curt f*** you and off they went. Now I’m not suggesting that she was a lady of ill repute but I do hope that the fella wasn’t paying by the hour cos if he was he must have wasted about £30 in the back of my cab!!!

After I had got rid of them I turned back onto Notting Hill Gate and was hailed by a threesome comprising of 2 girls and a fella. “High St Ken and then on to Fulham” says one of the girls,so off we go. As I turned right into Palace gardens Terrace the lad shouts through the glass “stop at a cash point”, now bearing in mind I already had the hump, I wasn’t in the mood to be talked to like that ,especially by a toffy nosed little twerp. So I asked him what he had said and his girlfriend,who had sussed that I was a little put out by his attitude, asked if they could stop by a cash point please.

I stopped at the first cash point in High Rd Ken and when the lad went to get his money his girlfriend apologised  for his attitude and asked if we could go to Fulham first to drop off her friend and then return to Hyde Pk Gate, “no problem says I” .  The run up to Fulham was uneventful except for the fella being quite loud but I suppose we were all like that when we were young and trying to impress the ladies.

After we had dropped off the friend we headed back to Kensington along Fulham Rd. When we got to Finborough Rd they seemed to be having a bit of a tiff and the fella shouted to me to take him to Paddington first ,so we did a quick left at the lights. Then the girl piped up that she didn’t have enough money to go to Padders and then on to her house in Kensington so asked me to carry on to  Hyde pk Gate.

Half way up Palace gate the fella starts shouting at the girl and looked like he was going to give her a bit of a dig,so I stopped the cab and told him to give it a rest or I’d have to get him out of the cab. The girl told me not to worry as he wouldn’t do anything and just carry on to her house. So off we go again and a minute or so later we were at Hyde Park Gate. There was over £20 on the meter and the pair of them started to get out but I was a bit worried that I wasn’t going to get paid,so I asked the fella to pay through the partition before leaving. At this point the girl was out of the cab and said to me through the window that she didn’t want him to go with her, so I kept my foot on the brake and chatted to the lad until she was home. After she had gone I asked him what he was going to do and if he wanted a lift to paddington,free of charge, but he refused and got out looking like he had lost a tenner and found a penny.

The last thing that I had to do on Tuesday was to have the meter tariff updated and as the mode button on the meter was playing up I thought  that it was a good time to get that done as well. So at 8 am I was outside Ascotts waiting for the update. when the chap came to reprogramme it he told me that I’d have to go to the new site to get the switch repaired. So round to Evelyn St and there I spent another 30 mins while they sorted it out.

Well thats me done for now ,I’ll be back in the next few days with more from the world of Del Boy.

5 Responses to “Every ones a critic !”

  1. Lester says:

    I had an argument with Steve a little while ago about payment and having the correct change. I’d arrived at Heathrow in a mini cab. The fare was £15 and I only had a £20 note. I wasn’t going to give him a £5 tip, and he had no hope of getting change so he lost out for not having change.

    Steve argued that I was responsible being the punter saying that I should have the correct money. He said he’d take me down the police station (Steve will take you there just for farting in his cab). I argued that it’s not my responsibility to walk around the streets with the correct change for everything, especially for a cab fare that is a variable cost. As a business it’s up to you to have change, If I go to Tescos I don’t walk in with exactly £77.15 for my weeks shopping. Obviously there should be some common sense involved, if you went to the local paper shop and tried to buy a newspaper with a crispy new £50 note you shouldn’t be that surprised that they don’t have change.

    For you guys there shouldn’t be any hassle in finding a cash machine or getting change in a shop, as long as I don’t incur extra costs in driving somewhere to get change, and you take me back to my destination afterwards I’d be happy.

  2. del boy says:

    Hi Lester, I did exactly that. I took them to the petrol station and got change and then took them back to where they wanted to go all for no extra charge in fact they got a 20p discount.
    But if I go somewhere and have only got a £50 note I always ask if the person can change it BEFORE I have used whatever service it is that needs paying for.
    As for Tesco, our local store will not accept £50 notes or any scottish curency in their petrol station.
    Cheers, Del Boy

    P.S hope to see you and the missus for a barbi in the summer if you can get Steve to bring you up here.

  3. steve says:

    Your going soft in your old age Del, Padders for free I ask ya,
    you must be earning to much.

    and as for the so called lady and the Italian you picked up opposite the Landmark hotel, as soon as she started effing and blinding I would have taken them straight back to where I picked them up from.

    It’s all well and good Lester saying we should have change for a fifty pound note but in reality it dosen’t always work out that way there is a variation of ways why I wouldan’t have enough change on me.

    I might have only been doing account work up to that point.
    and I wouldan’t have enough in my float to give change,

    There should be Common sense on both sides, the punter knows where they are going before they get in, so maybe they should ask the driver if he can change a fifty before they set off, wouldn’t that make sense.

    the turn over for garages and small shops is far greater then ours,
    therefour it makes sense for them to carry a larger float.

  4. Les says:

    I read in the back of the LTDA diary that under some law (possibly Goods & Services Act) the duty is on the hirer to pay the correct fare & not on the cab driver to have the right change, so I guess you could charge them for the round trip to get it changed as well!
    be lucky

  5. Elroy Leflar says:

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