Another week over

Hello everbody,hope you are well and earning enough. As the title may suggest this has not been a good week. I have been back to the garage for more “running repairs”, why do they call them that? I mean if the cab was running it wouldn’t need repairing would it!

Anyway I had to have another loan cab which was a rather nice TX2 but it seems that this one should have come with its own fuel station as it used diesel like it was going out of  fashion.

When I got my cab back,it was quite a relief, is it just me or do you grow into a vehicle like a relationship? You get to know all its little rattles and knocks,which switches are where and you can reach out and turn things on without looking.

Once again the garage have done a great job and the cab is running better than ever,it is doing nearly 30 mpg on an average day which is the best it has done in the 6 years that we have owned it!

I went to work on Sunday afternoon this week and had a day of running between stations and avoiding roadworks,it seems that the utilities companies use the weekends to dig holes everywhere,now I agree that this is better that closing roads during the week but they could give us some advance notice,maybe they could put a sign at the top of a road if they are going to close it rather than let us get halfway down before we find the a great big hole and a load of people looking in to it!

Last Friday I had quite a good nights work and was going to see my daughter for breakfast before going home. so when I stopped outside The Whitehouse to use the loos and a fella came over to the cab to ask me if I took credit cards I was half and half about taking the job. But I said “yes ,depending on where you are going,”. How much to Gatwick was  the answer, a deal was struck and away we went,a decent end to an otherwise problematic week.

Cheers and I will be back soon, Del Boy.

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  1. Lester says:

    Hi Derek sorry to hear about your cab. Did you buy it off Steve by any chance?

    Cabs are like women. Here’s a few reason why you treat your cab like a woman.

    You give it a regular, thorough going over.
    Keep an eye out for bald patches.
    Lift up the front and have a long hard look.
    Check the rear end is clean and tidy.
    Check for spare tyre and any handles.
    Keep an eye on fuel consumption.
    Check the condition of the big end.
    Make sure the top can come down and look good on hot, summer days.
    Are the bodywork and lines to your liking? Is the interior comfortable?
    Check all crevices, especially the box, for dust, dirt, or insect nests.
    Fit a child lock.
    The younger the better.
    Check that it will not break down on you with no warning.
    If possible, test drive several times before committing to ownership.
    Make sure that there is a proper response when you put your foot down, and that it is easy to control.

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