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Burger and chips please….

Hi there hope you are doing ok.
I have been a bit busy with stuff not related to work over the last few days and haven’t been able to get on here so here comes a quick catch up.
I worked the Sunday before last, the same day that Everton knocked Man Utd out of the F.A cup [...]


All in a nights work

just over a week ago a Dial a Cab driver was told she can’t wait outside Nobu in Berkeley Street w1, so she tells her controller what was said and then asks for drivers to start ranking outside and they did they came in their masses till  the club shut their doors,the same went on [...]


Dodgy Minicabs

This is a clip that Derek found on you-tube,that he’d like to share with you


Rambling on

Hi everyone Going back to December last year,the day before I went on holiday someone drove into the back of me, I’m still waiting to settle that claim.
The first letter I receive from their insurers is,bitching over the cost of a car wash.Now I get a further letter accusing me of changing lanes at the [...]


Legal Protection

Taxi drivers & Owners Protection Ltd is the brain child of Alan Fleming ,who was formerly the Chairman of The London Cab Drivers Club Ltd.
Taxi drivers & Owners Legal Protection Ltd will be a non -Political organization that will provide legal cover and representation for fully paid up members.
A legal firm, based in the City [...]


Lazy Days

Hello everybody, hope you are well and earning enough.
As the title of this piece suggests I have had a lazy few days. I worked on Good Friday and it was quite busy, almost as busy as it was last year. I had a couple of good jobs through the night, including one from knightsbridge to Hornchurch which [...]


Easter Weekend

Friday the 10th of April I didn’t bother going to work I went round to Lester’s instead, you’ve seen those stickers some people have in there rear window saying dads Taxi well I’ve got one but instead of saying dads Taxi it says Lesters Taxi. He’s been of the road for at least nine [...]


Every ones a critic !

Hi there everybody,hope you are well and earning enough.
After my last couple of weeks where I have spent more time at the garage than most of the mechanics that work there I was hoping for a trouble free few days. So when I set out on Tuesday morning and got an account job almost straight away [...]


Where to go what to do

Hi everyone
It’s that time of the year again, my overhaul, after phoning around a few body workshops and garages I’ve decided I’m not going to use my old garage for my overhaul this year, they always seem to find a way to justify charging me more for the made up extras they add on , [...]


Another week over

Hello everbody,hope you are well and earning enough. As the title may suggest this has not been a good week. I have been back to the garage for more “running repairs”, why do they call them that? I mean if the cab was running it wouldn’t need repairing would it!
Anyway I had to have another [...]

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