The names may change but the places remain the same.

Hello everybody hope you are well and earning enough to keep the wheels turning. The other night I was coming back from dropping a job in Wandsworth when I was hailed by a young couple who wanted to go to Queens Pk. As we went along I asked what the road name was and they replied “Princess rd”.

Now any of you that have read my early blogs will know that I was born and brought up in Kilburn and I lived in Princess Rd,number 57 to be exact,for about 17 years. So when I asked the couple if it was the one off  Cambridge Rd the answer was “yes,how do you know that?” So I explained that I had lived there but it must have been moved since I left because it was in Kilburn when I was there. The couple were horrified to think that I had thought they lived in Kilburn and said that I must be mistaken. So I then asked what the underground station around the corner was called and they agreed that it was Kilburn Pk ,but also said that Queens Pk station was not that far away. At this point I decided to change the subject as they were definitely not happy.

When I had dropped them off I had a quick look around my old home patch and although the pub names had changed the buildings were still the same,the swimming baths and launderette had been demolished so had my old school, South Kilburn High, which is now a housing estate where I noticed that one of our fellow cabbies is living. Who knows he may even be reading this!

On Friday I stopped in the cab park outside the the Iron Lung and noticed that the council had covered the meters up and now you have to phone to pay for your parking,so the days of stopping for a quick pee and nipping over to the Astral for a take away cuppa and sarnie are over.



You will notice in the photo above that the wheel trims on my cab are different colours,that is because I am very tight fisted. With the amount of pot holes in the streets of London I seem to be losing a wheel trim every week. So now when I see one laying in the road I stop and pick it up (but only if it is safe to do so,that should keep the health and safety people happy). I have now got a little collection of them in my garage and as soon as I have a few minutes I will get a can of silver wheel paint and spray them all the same colour!

Well thats me done for now,I’ll be back in a couple of days with more ramblings from the world of Del Boy.

Cheers,Del Boy

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