Back of the cab

Clara Mouriz

I picked up this young lady from Kings x stn and took her to Crawford st junc Gloucester pl. A very chatty young lady, one of the questions she asks me was how’s business my reply was not that brilliant with which she would reply I know how you feel it’s pretty much the same for myself I said what do you do she said that she’s a singer I asked her what her name was she told me Clara Mouriz, I said good luck with your singing career. she said thank you and wayed me off. It was one of those times that you wish that the journey was a lot longer, not to get more money but just for the  sheer pleasure of chatting to a very beautiful and talented young lady.


What I didn’t know until I checked was that she is a mezzo Soprano singer And a very tallented one to.

All I can say is good luck with your career Clara, and it was a pleasure to have meet you.

Be lucky Steve.

2 Responses to “Clara Mouriz”

  1. derek says:

    You dirty old man Steve, I hope your wife doesn’t read this or you will be in the dog house. LOL

  2. Lester says:

    cool. but I did laugh.

    she said thank you and wayed me off.

    Getting wayed off by Clara, beats a tip – top job :-)

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