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I was talking the other day about Google Street View. Of course I wasn’t suggesting that anyone who is doing the knowledge gets a nice cold beer out the fridge, turns on the PC and uses street view to drive from Barking to Heathrow. That would take you months. What I was suggesting is that it’s a great tool for figuring out landmarks that would help you, for instance, when I turn left on to the A404 is that at the Red Lion or the Dog and Duck. With street view you can look up the junction so revise at home.

I did say that I would post some of the ‘unusual’ pictures picked up by the Google street view car, and here’s a few.

I added some more to my own blog if you want to see more.

Like you guys, if you are driving around day in day out you’ll spot the odd crazy thing. I’m sure Steve would love to hear from you if you do capture something unusal.

I’m sure there are many of the mapping cars driving around and you’re bound to see them driving around London at some point as they continue to map the capital. This is what you’re looking out for.

I think putting a video camera on the front of a cab would produce some interesting results.

2 Responses to “Google Street View”

  1. steve says:

    Thats a pain in the arse , wonder if they caught the guy with the gun.

  2. Lester says:

    I think they caught him. if you go looking for the street in google they have updated the image to take him out. when you search the web there are discussions about on going investigations

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