Parliamentary bill on Rickshaws

It looks like Rickshaws are here to stay.otherwise why would they bother to close the loopholes in the road traffic act that concern them.Or maybe this Bill will cripple them so badly they will have to close down. You may see it different ” Read On.”

Bob oddy LTDA Gen, Secretary Says.

A Parliamentary Bill which, for the first time, will bring rickshaws within the scope of the Road Traffic Act 1991 and the Transport Act 2000.

If the Bill is successful rickshaw owners will automatically become liable for all rider infringements relating to obstruction, box junction offences and bus lane violations.

That says it all dosen’t it, I still can’t see that this Bill is going to rid our streets of these nuisence rickshaws.

According to Chris Smallwood Chairman of the London Pedicab Operators Association who represented Bugbugs this will kill of his industry, he will be crippled by penalty charges, and he says this is banning by the back door.

My heart bleeds for you Mr Smallwood, it’s about bloody time something was done, to rid rickshaws from our streets.

Even if this Bill doesn’t stop them completely , at least it’s a start.

Be lucky Steve.

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