Lunatic driver & Bilker

Hi everyone

While driving down the bus lane in Maida Vale this lunatic Merc Vito Taxi driver decides to cut me up, all I could see was a Dial A Cab logo on the door, I didn’t get a chance to see the driver because he was driving so fast, this guy was on a Mission,” A suicide Mission”

by the time I reached the Marylebone flyover he was already in the fast lane of the Marylebone rd. I sent a message to our control room and gave them the vehicle details telling them that he’s got our Dial A Cab logo on the side, the message I got back was he wasn’t one of ours.

The following night I saw the same reg vehicle near old st roundabout, this time I managed to catch a quick glimpse of the driver, it looked like he was wearing glasses, it was difficult to be absolutely possitive because he was driving in the same manner as the  previous night.

Sunday the 8th of March while I was waiting on the rank at kings x, I saw the same vehicle doing a u turn this time I managed to get a good look a the driver, who wasn’t wearing glasses this time, I also managed to see he had a Dial A Cab terminal, after checking his reg and plate number corresponded with previous sightings.

I called Dial A Cab and told them what happened a couple of nights ago, and that I wasn’t making a complaint about this driver, I just thought something didn’t feel right, i can understand drivers getting stressed out but he was a danger to himself and other road users. They said leave it with us. That is the last I heard of it and I haven’t seen him since.


You must have noticed as you drive through Admiralty Arch towards Trafalgar Square they have marked out a cycle lane, be careful you are being watched.




As you drive through you will see the camera on the right hand side.

Just a week ago I picked up this gentleman from Upper berkeley Street he asks me to take him to the Berkeley Hotel via a cash machine, so off we go towards Sloan St then he says to me I’m in a bit of a hurry can you take me directly to the hotel and wait twenty minutes then to the cash machine afterwards , I said no problem, I didn’t even bother to ask for something in lieu of the fare, as he entered the hotel I asked the concierge who he was they told me his name was Mr Mossov.

I managed to find a place to park opposite the hotel, not that difficult to spot among the Rollers and  Mercs, I settled down and before I knew it around 45 minutes and 33 pound on the meter have passed.

I started to get a bit hot under the collar, so I went over to the concierge and explained who I was waiting for, they said  he has gone.

I asked for the doorman Dave who was on at the time when  I arrived, they said he’s finished his shift and won’t be back till tomorrow.

As I went back to my cab two of the doormen came over to me and said let us have your phone number and we will let you know when we get hold of him.

The next day I’m back and asks to speek to Dave the concierge who was on the previous night, they said Dave has already finished and gone home, so I explained why I was there and asks them if they knew Mr Kossov’s first name, they said wait here. meaning outside, they probably thought I would make a scene in the lobby.

When he came out he told me, his first name was Steve and he lives in Eaton Square , I said thats where I originally picked him up from, standing on the corner, so that seems to make sense. Well I thought at least that’s something

That night when I got home I typed his name in google and nothing came up, I was told by one doorman that he was a Lawyer and another that he was a MP, still no luck.

the-berkeley-hotel-exterThe Berkeley Hotel

I think I was given the run around,not so much a gentleman after all,  not to worry, I’ll  catch up with him one day.

Be lucky  Steve.

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