A big thank you

Hi there everybody hope you are well and enjoying the sun.

This is just a quick word to say a big thanks to my garage for saving me from losing a day at work.

On Tuesday morning I came home, parked the cab outside the house and went to bed as usual. When I got up,about 2pm,I noticed that there was a rather large puddle of oil underneath the back of the cab. On closer inspection this turned out to be diesel which was dripping from the tank.

As we live in Bedfordshire there are not too many LTI garages around here so I called my usual garage and they said to come in first thing today. So we put a large piece of cardboard under the cab and hoped for the best.

I went to work at midnight as usual and the cardboard was very wet ( about £2 worth of wet by my reckoning) !

At 8am I turned up at the garage and by 8.30 the cab was on the ramp being looked at by a mechanic who found a split seam where the fuel pick up goes into the tank. After a sharp intake of breath it was decided that the easiest repair was to fit a new tank.

After a little bit of sweat and swearing by the man in the boiler suit the cab was back on the floor by 10.30.

So this is a big thank you to Jason and the staff at Hexagon UK in Lukin St E1 who,as usual, did the job with no fuss and a great big dollop of humour,they even smiled when they gave me the bill.

Joking aside,in these days of the “CREDIT CRUNCH”, you want to know that you can rely on your garage when you are in trouble. So if your garage has let you down or can’t fit you in give the staff at Hexagon a call you wont be disappointed.

Cheers, Del Boy.

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  1. steve says:

    Del I’ve always said if you get a good garage stick with them. It’s obviously worked for you.

    You should leave their phone number.

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