Rip off Minicabs

If ever you book a Minicab at the kiosk in Leicester Square be prepared to be ripped off, they will charge you in advance generally around £20 whereas we would normally charge around £8 for the same journey.

John Kennedy of the London Daily News says He is pleased to report that talks have at last taken place between the three trade organizations and transport for London.

He also states that the Whitcomb street project which provided a rank for mini-cab drivers will hopefully be scrapped and that  the drive in highlighted the problem to many within City Hall.

but it’s time for Bob Oddy of the LTDA to speak up for the trade at board meetings of transport for London and not just sit there in silence.

He also states if Bob fails in prescent talks, he believes the only action left will be a demonstration on the Strand and Fleet street  outside the Royal Courts of Justice  whilst we seek a judicial  review inside.

but we must not rest until this scheme and the daft practise of mini-cab offices in bars and clubs is scrapped too

Check out the full story by John Kennedy of the London Daily News

Be lucky Steve.

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  1. derek says:

    Look at the front cover of TAXI paper they have done a similar piece,it makes interesting reading.
    Cheers Del Boy

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