Green badge for sale

Hello everybody hope you are well and earning enough to keep the wheels turning.

As some of you may know Lyn & I like collecting the odd antique,no jokes about that being the only reason that Lyn married me that includes you Errol,and that means that I often find myself wandering around the various London markets.

Last Thursday I was having a look around Spitalfields and saw a stall with a couple of cab driver badges on it,1 green & 1 yellow,along with an old enamel metropolitan police cab plate. Now I know that you are supposed to hand in your badge and bill if and when you retire but I also know that most retired cabbies keep their badges as a reminder of their time in the trade.

Now I have no problem with this,and I will probably do the same if I ever retire,but it came as a bit of a shock when I saw these 2 for sale,especially when you think of what has gone on with the so called “champagne rapist” it is a bit worrying. Added to that the old style plate,anyone could get an old cab, screw on the plate ,hang a badge around their neck and who knows what they could do?

Another worrying thing I saw this week was a BMW miniscab,with some punters in, going around Piccadily Circus with a completely bald back tyre,it was so bad that the steel belt had worn through and was fraying all over the place. Hopefully it wasn’t going to be going too far or too fast!

Are there any regulation on what vehicles that can be used for mini cabbing? Because in the last couple of weeks I have seen a lot of these Toyota Lucida people carriers with the funny little badges in the windscreens. Now these cars have only got 1 rear door,which is on the near side,so in the event of an accident which damaged the nearside how would the punters get out?

Also on Friday I saw a left hand drive people carrier with the badges showing and I am sure that that is not legal.

Welll down to what I have been doing over the last week or so,firstly am I the only person that saw the 2 police cars that had crashed at the junction of  Tottenham Ct Rd and Oxford street last week? One of the cars had the roof taken off and the other was a wreck but nobody else that I have spoken too seems to have seen it.

On Weds this week I was flagged down by a fella on Oxford St  he got in and told me to wait for his friend,who was talking to 2 young blokes outside Selfridges.

When the other bloke got in there was a lot of high fives and laughing and joking. when I asked where they wanted to go they said head off towards Victoria Station and as we went along they started to tell me about their night out.They had been to a lap dancing club,celebrating one of them getting a £1.5 million bonus,and were on their way home when the 2 lads barged into them and then started an argument.One of the lads then headbutted the fella that had flagged me down and broke a glass and tried to have a go at the other one but unfortunately for him the one that was left was an ex south African army officer who wasn’t  scared by the actions of a young thug. There was a bit of a stand off which ended with the 2 youths turning tail and heading off with their tails between their legs.

On friday last week I got an LUL job off the radio,picking up in Harrow and ending in Edgware rd. As I went over the Marylebone flyover the road was closed and I was diverted down the Harrow Rd. At the roundabout there was a chap with a suitcase trying to get a cab. When I pulled up at the roundabout he shouted over to me “Heathrow T2? “.

Well what do you expect a poor cabbie to do,I had a quick tally up and worked out that I had about 45 mins to get to Heathrow and then over to Harrow,which although tight was not impossible.

So off we go,as we headed down Bishops Bridge Rd the fella asked me to shut the rear windows,so I told him where the switches were and he replied that they were not working. So I tried from the front and sure enough they were stuck open,not a lot but enough to let the cold air in and it would only get worse when we got on to the M4.

So now I had a dilema,stop and let him get out to try to get another cab or turn the heater on and hope he would be happy,what would you have done? Yep you are right it was heater on and away we went. I did notice the chap put his collar up as we went over the M4 elevated section but he still gave me a £4.40 tip at the end of the ride so he can’t have been too cold.After he got out it was a bit of a quick ride over to Harrow and I arrived with 2 minutes to spare,still with the rear windows stuck down! I have sorted the windows now ,it seems to have been a broken wire in the nearside rear door,so hopefuly no more cold punters.

As you may all know I am a West Ham Utd fan and I would just like to thank Harry Redknapp for the sterling work that he is doing over at Spurs,so far it would seem that he has successfully got them knocked out of europe and is working hard at getting them relegated. I always  knew he was a Hammer at heart!

Well thats me done for now.

Cheers ,Del Boy.

4 Responses to “Green badge for sale”

  1. Errol says:

    Antique?….nay nay, you suave, silver tongued, bald headed, old smoothie you!

  2. Im a taxi driver, great blog.

  3. Maryanne Jones says:

    Hello Derek,
    I was interested in you saying you’d seen a green badge for sale on a stall somewhere. I bought a green enamel and brass London Cab Drivers badge at a car boot sale in Yorkshire the other week. I thought it was vintage and put it on ebay but someone complained and ebay removed it. Just wondering if it is actually still current, if so I understand why it was removed. It’s oval in shape, with a pin on the reverse (broken) and with a slot in the top for a strap?. It measures 2.5″ x 1.5″ If you have time could you let me know if you think it is current or obsolete. Thanks for your time.

  4. Gary says:

    Hi Maryanne,
    Not sure if someone answered you, I’m a London Cabbie be happy to look at the badge for you. Shold be able to roughly see when it was isssued by its number. Email me and I’ll chech it for you.
    Thanks Gary

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