Trafalgar Square Drive- In

Hi everyone! Just to highlight the main points why this demo took place. Firstly an official mini cab rank was set up by Westminster Council which Westminster Council calls a pick up point. Once you paid for your mini cab at the kiosk in Leicester Square they will show you where your car is parked – this will be in Whitcombe Street.  In contrast our rank is in Coventry Street is not well placed as people that come from Leicester Square can’t always see our rank clearly so they try flagging a black cab down  -  I point them out in the right direction when that happens to me. In addition to that there are  some night clubs and hotels  that have set up mini cab companies within their premises and a clipboard johnny standing outside.


Were you there at the Drive in on the 5th of February  2009 ? I could not let this opportunity pass so I defenitly joined in.  I arrived at Old Street at 1.45pm but by the time I reached Clerkenwell Road the traffic came to a standstill,  loads of cabs going in the opposite direction, some with punters on some without. When I reached High Holborn there were a few cabs scattered around, again,  some with punters in the back some without. It took me one hour 45 minutes to reach Princess Circus, it was stop and start all the way, I even managed to switch of my cab a few times.

When I reached Princess Circus I got a message on my terminal telling me  that it was all over and  I felt as so I had not achieved anything as I did not manage to get to Trafalgar Square.  On the other hand I think I stand a chance in getting in the Guinness book of records for the slowest time from Old Street to Princess Circus!!!

After 90 minutes stuck in traffic and a full bladder  I turned left down  Charring Cross Road and all I could see was a line of cabs coming my way, with their hire signs on, confirming that it’s all over. I passed through Trafalgar Square,which was back to normal and on to Victoria and that was it back to work.

On a separate note, if you’re interested in joining a trade organization here are a few numbers to call.

L.C.D.C          0207 252 7447

L.T.D.A         0207 286 1046

Or if it’s simply legal protection you’re looking for then call the numbers below.

Taxi drivers & Owners Protection Ltd is the brain child of Alan Fleming ,who was formerly the Chairman of The London Cab Drivers Club Ltd.
Taxi drivers & Owners Legal Protection Ltd will be a non -Political organization that will provide legal cover and representation for fully paid up members.
A legal firm, based in the City of London, who have a vast knowledge of Hackney Carriage Law have been appointed by our insurers. Our subscription rate is exceptionally low due to low overheads, which have been brought about by careful and economic planning. We intend to use modern communication to cut down on administrative costs.

Your Cover

Up to £25,000 for legal insurance cover

Legal cover for all Hackney Carriage offences

Cover for all motoring offences whilst working as a cab driver

Representation for revocations and suspension of your cab driver’s licence

Representation for disciplinary matters

Low annual subscription rate of only £84.00

Easy payment plan:  £7.00 per month or £21.00 quarterly by standing order

There is a 24-hour helpline

For Membership details, call or text Dave Cohen on 07956 894 701

Or Alan Flemming on 07831 092 123

Alternatively, you may email them on topsltd2009@googlemail.com


Be lucky, Steve.

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