Snow,Snow and more ****ing Snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody hope you are all well and earning enough to keep you going.

I used to love the snow,watching the kids throwing snowballs and sledging down hillls,using the unexpected days off school to have a bit of fun. Now I hate it,after last week and having to lose 2 days work because the highways agency were unable to get the roads around Luton gritted so that they were passable.

I will let them off for Monday as there was so much snow but the roads were still treacherous on Tuesday so it was another day in bed trying not to think about the weather.

My old cab outside the house in the snow

My old cab outside the house in the snow

I managed to get in on Weds but after a few hours of doing almost nothing I wished I hadn’t bothered and when I got back home I had developed another streaming cold!

Thursday was alright and Friday was going well untill about 8.30 when I decided to try to get home from Northolt after seeing my son and daughter for breakfast. Firstly I tried to go through Ruislip, as usual, and it was gridlocked because of icy roads. So then it was  through Northwood and onto the M25,which for once was running fine,and then on to the M1.

Now I had heard that there was a bit of a hold up by jcn 9 but thought that it was better than trying to get home by the back roads. Well was I wrong,it would appear that the highways agency hadn’t put enough grit down on the hill between jcn 9 and jcn 11,so this was like a skating rink, at one time I am sure that i saw Todd Carty practising his “triple axle” for Sunday’s Dancing on Ice show!

After 4 hours I eventually got home and had a great big glass of Merlot.

I did do a few jobs last week though and there were a few funnies among them including the young Eastern European lady that I picked up Tottenham Court Rd who wanted to go to the jcn of Chelsea embankment and Lots Rd.

So off we go and after about 5 mins she is nodding off in the back of the cab,when we get to the drop off point I gave a quick shout through the window and up she gets opens the door and nearly falls out onto the pavement. She steadied herself and handed me £30 through the window said “take £25 darlink”  (yes she did say darlink) and then turned her face away from the door and projectile vomited over her shoulder,turned back to get her change wished me good night and went on her way.

On Friday at around 2.30am I was driving through Smithfield and saw a job in High Barnet come up on the computer,now I know that it is quite a way to go for a job but it was a London Underground job so you get a decent run in time and the jobs tend to be quite long so it is worth while.

The job arrived on the screen so I pulled over to accept it and to get the details. While I was writing down the details of the job there was a bang on the back door and I saw a young couple standing by the side of the cab. I put the window down and the lady asked me to unlock the doors and take them to Blackheath.

I explained that I had just taken an account job and had only stopped to get the details,but she insisted that as I had my light on I had to take her to wherever she wanted to go.

I tried to explane that I had forgotten to turn the light off but she was insistant and started to get quite vocal. While this was going on her boyfriend was slowly turning green and then sat on the pavement so I said to the lady that as her fella was not in a fit state to travel without the fear of him throwing up in my cab that I had the right to refuse them a lift home,quickly closed the window and made my escape.

While I have been driving about over the last few months I have been taking a few snaps of things that I find interesting.now I dont know about you but I think that as we go about our daily work we are too busy to see the things that we are passing by.

So I thought that I would put a few of these snaps on here and let you all guess where they are.

So here goes with the first couple

Well do you know where these 2 pics were taken?

If so let us know .

Thats me done for now,I’ll be back soon

Cheers Del Boy.

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  1. derek says:

    Just a little clue as to where these pics were taken, it’s not far from Bang,Bang bridge,otherwise known as Blow up bridge and also you can’t drive past them at night.
    Cheers Del Boy

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