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Boris keeps his word

This is a piece of news I copied from the Evening Standard website and I thought you would be interested in. By justin Davenport dated 23.02.09
The shocking scale of illegal mini-cab activity in the West End was revealed in a police operation at the weekend.
police checks found 28 cabs being driven without a private hire [...]


Green badge for sale

Hello everybody hope you are well and earning enough to keep the wheels turning.
As some of you may know Lyn & I like collecting the odd antique,no jokes about that being the only reason that Lyn married me that includes you Errol,and that means that I often find myself wandering around the various London markets.
Last [...]


Stig Anderson

I picked up John Anderson from the B.M.I. awards and took him home to the Kings Road, on our way there we got chatting, I asked him what the award was for, he told me it was for Dancing- Queen one of many records of which his late Grandfather wrote for ABBA.
That being Stig Anderson

Be [...]



I’ve just got back home from a week long conference in Barcelona. I was lucky if I managed to get to bed before 3am each night as there were a lot of parties to visit. The Spanish don’t mess around with the measures they put into rum and coke so you can imaging how I [...]


Trafalgar Square Drive- In

Hi everyone! Just to highlight the main points why this demo took place. Firstly an official mini cab rank was set up by Westminster Council which Westminster Council calls a pick up point. Once you paid for your mini cab at the kiosk in Leicester Square they will show you where your car is parked [...]


New site bits and pieces

New improvements to


Snow,Snow and more ****ing Snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody hope you are all well and earning enough to keep you going.
I used to love the snow,watching the kids throwing snowballs and sledging down hillls,using the unexpected days off school to have a bit of fun. Now I hate it,after last week and having to lose 2 days work because the highways agency [...]


A cold winter’s day

It was a cold Sunday afternoon, back in November when my gear box decided to die on me – I was only a 15 minute walk from home. I had to call out the AA then the wife to bring me a warmer coat – around 60 minutes later the AA turned up but couldn’t [...]

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