To Brazil with love

Hi everyone, I’m back from my holiday in Brazil!

It’s nice to be back home although I had a really good time out there. I thought I’d share .some of those moments with you.

I first flew over to Madrid then onto Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo – it took me around 15 hours to get to Sao Paulo. I was greeted by Alexandra who flew out the  previous week. From there to her parents flat in Sao Paulo then we had to unpack and relocate our clothes for a 6am flight the next morning. This time I hadn’t a clue where we were going, until we got to the airport – it was my Christmas and birthday present all in one. Only at the airport I learnt that we were going to Iguassu Falls.

iguacucroppedmealex.JPGThats me & Alexandra getting soaked.

Our first day in Foz do Iguassu we went on a coach trip to Paraguay which was supposed to be an opportunity to go on a shopping spree – it is known for cheap goods, especially electronics (fake stuff too!). It was a new experience for me but a total waste of time, it was so bloody hot, all we could do was go from shop to shop just to keep cool. I don’t want to look at another handbag or shoe shop for as long as I live!  four agonizing hours later we went back to the hotel,  a dip in the pool and a cold lager was a perfect finish for such a hot day.

Next day we went to the Brazilian side of the falls and on our third and last day we popped over to Argentina to view the falls from there, which was a completely different picture. Both spectacular!!!

After three days in Iguassu it was back to Sao Paulo, where the  temperature was a lot cooler. Christmas eve we went to a restaurant to see in Christmas day(Brazilians celebrate on the eve of the 24th). At the stroke of twelve all the lights go out then back on and Santa appears, standing by the Christmas tree ready to call out kids names on the presents that their parents left there.

We then flew to Cuiaba in Central West Brazil and stayed at Alexandra’s cousin, Elieser for the next eleven days. (that’s his house below.)


Our first main trip was to a waterfall in the Chapada region. A beaultiful place with stunning views!


Top left, Elieser then me at the bottom left, Pedro & Diego

The water was cold to start with but you soon got used to it. After going under the waterfall we made our way down stream, it was brilliant!

Every other day we would stay at home to relax and drink and eat and drink again. Elieser’s sister (Eliane),  enjoyed a drink or two as well. Cuiaba is a very hot place and in fact, one of the hotest in Brazil. They had the brilliant idea of  fixing a large potent fan to the wall on the outside of the house, it helped quite a lot but it was still hot.

This is another river we went to in the Cuiaba/Chapada region. We had loads of fun – it was quite a fast flowing river, so we had to hang on tight!


New Years day we went to a farm, about 21 miles from Cuiaba (the wall of Chapada at the back)

farmgatescropped.JPGThis is the enterance to the farm

Once inside the gates we were greeted by two large dogs, they turned out to be friendly thank God.

farmviewofrivercropped.JPG Behind me is the house we stayed in – this is the view we had when we arrived, where there is a kitchen, bbq and pool table. Behind that was a football pitch.

This is our thank you drink for letting us stay at their house


to sum up our experience inIguassu and Cuiaba. For those of you that like beautiful views with some adventure this could be the place for you. There’s rivers, waterfalls, stunning views and very good fish restaurants – and of course the Brazilians! Which makes this the perfect place to be.

Our thanks to Elieser, his beautiful family,  Samir and the 3 brothers and their sister for the lovely time in Cuiaba.

Steve & Alexandra. xx

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  1. Del Boy says:

    Glad to see you back Steve hopefuly we will be able to meet and have a cuppa soon.
    Looks like you and Allie had a good time and it looks like a great place to visit. maybe when I have as much money as you I’ll take Lyn over there.
    Cheers Del Boy

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