Where have you been?

Have you ever wondered how far you drive in a day? How about where you were last week? If you have a Nokia phone with GPS then you can track your movements for free. (Something like the N95 is ideal)

SportsTracker is a free application that takes advantage of your phones GPS to track your location, average speed and a few other bits and pieces, and enables you to upload the data to the internet where you can either make it private so only you can see it, or share it with your friends. You’ll need a data connection to upload from your phone, but once upload you can view your trip on a map to show you exactly where you have been.

My walk on the 27 October around Southwalk:


If you have a data plan with your phone contract you can share live data, so if Steve is travelling over to my house and he sharing his journey, I can track his process and when he gets near get the kettle on.

SportsTracker is aimed at people looking to keep fit but works just as well if you are driving with the phone stuffed in your pocket.

Settings recorded for my journey:


Give it a go, you’ll be surprised just how far you travel in a day.

For a list of compatible phones and to install, take a look here.

3 Responses to “Where have you been?”

  1. derek says:

    HI Lester,sounds like a great idea,especially if you don’t want to be in when the person comes round(certain ex in-laws spring to mind)I,ll have to investigate a new phone.
    Del Boy

  2. steve says:

    I will have to buy one Lester,anything to get you to put the kettle on sounds good to me.It looks like you’ve just come out of the boozer, Your tracker line looks a bit wobbly in places.

  3. Lester says:

    It’s actually pretty accurate. When you zoom in on the map it can show were I weaved around trees. It will have no problem showing where you weave around cyclists and buses.

    Using similar technology I can see a day in the future were I take out my mobile phone and see where the buses are. If they are to far way I’ll be able to press a button and it will switch to show me where the free taxi’s are so I can head towards the nearest. Perhaps you’ll get a blip on your maps showing where I am standing.

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