Punters! Who needs them?

Hello it’s me again, hope you are all well and earning enough.

After my last blog I am beginning to think that Boris is visiting the site because a couple of days later he announced that the 6 monthly is going and he is looking at sorting out the traffic lights,all we need now is for the lights in E14 to be turned off at night and I’ll know we are being listened too.

I have had a couple of right idiots in the cab over the last few weeks. The first one got in at the junction of Vernon Place and Southampton Row. He wanted to go to New North Road n1, so I ask whereabouts on New North Rd? and he says go in from Old St and let him out on the right. So off we go and after about 1/2 a mile he is sound asleep.

As we go into New North Rd he sits up and starts shouting that I have ripped him off and took him the long way round!

So I asked him how else he expected us to get into this part of New Nth Rd and he replied that he wanted to go via City Rd and that he wasn’t going to pay me. So I pulled over and explained that he had 2 choices, either he paid up or I took him back to where we started and he could try to get another cab. At this he decided that he would challenge me to a fist fight and tried to open the back door,but as I still had my foot on the brake,it wouldn’t budge!

So there we are sitting by the side of the road with him getting really irate and me getting VERY pi**ed off. So I say give me £8 and get out or we will be going back to Bloomsbury.

He agrees to this and hands me the cash and out he gets but decides that he has not finished yet and stands by the door waiting for me to get out to close it.

I asked him to shut the door but he replied that he was going to wait there and give me right hander when I got out.

Now I am a patient bloke and am getting too old for random violence but I decided that in his case I would make an exception, so out I got and told him that as he was the one who was drunk and didn’t know where he lived he had no right to have a go at me, but if he wanted to thump me to go ahead but it wouldn’t be a one way street. At this his anger cooled somewhat and he went on his merry way.

Another funny one was a young Asian lad I picked up in Leicester Sq,who wanted to go to Borough High St, when he got in he told me he needed to get some cash on the way.

Now having been caught like this before I always go to the nearest machine that I know of as this stops all the mucking around at the other end if their card won’t work. So we find a ATM, get the cash and off we go.

When we arrived at Southwark the lad was fast asleep and I had to open the back door and shout at him to wake him up. He looked at me as if he didn’t know where he was,then said cheers mate,got out of the cab and went to walk away. As he started to go I followed him and asked for my money,then I noticed that he had dropped his wallet beside the cab so I picked it up and called him back so we could sort it out.

He saw that I had his money so started to come toward me but he tripped over his trousers,which he was wearing in the new fashion of no belt or braces, and I had to catch hold of him before he hit the deck.

I couldn’t help but think that if the police came roung the corner now what would they think, seeing a big fat cabbie standing in the middle of the road holding on to a young man,who had his trousers round his ankles, with 1 hand whilst holding the lads wallet in the other!!

Another funny job happened on thursday this week. About 1.30 am, I was driving down Finchley Rd towards St Johns Wood when I saw a rather attractive young lady trying to hail a cab outside the flats next to the station So being a gallant fellow I pulled over and asked her where she wanted to go to,but alas she didn’t want to go anywhere she needed a cab for her friend who was a young lad who was sitting on the wall.

Well its a job I thought and asked him where he wanted to go, Leicester Sq he replied as he got in,so off we went. On the way down to St Johns Wood Circus he asked if £10 would get him there as that was all he had on him.

Now I don’t know about you but I respect it when people are upfront with me about money and will try to do them a favour when I can,so I told him that it wouldn’t be enough but as he had been straight with me I would turn the meter off at a tenner and keep on towards Leicester Sq with my light on and if somebody hailed me he would have to get out and I would pick them up instead, he was well chuffed with this and we started to have a chat.

He told me that the young lady was an ex girlfriend of a very well known footballer who plays for the red half of north London and was now the “girlfriend” of a wealthy arab. (I think my mother would call her a”kept woman” and my nan would have called her a tart, but hey whats in a name).

The lad went on to say that he had had a great time with her,and he certainly looked like he had, and needed some sleep but had to leave because her wealthy arab was on his way round and wouldn’t be too pleased if he found the lad there.

I asked the lad where home was and he told that he lived in Brixton. I asked how he was getting home and he said he would get the bus as he had an oyster card.

When we got to Oxford St there was £9.60 on the clock and he said stop here as he could get the bus from the stop opposite Next.

He gave me the tenner and said keep the change but I called him back and gave him £2 change. ”whats this for?” he asked and I told him to go and get a coffee because anyone who looked as knackered as he did was not going to get to Brixton, awake, without some help!

He laughed,took the money, and wished me a good evening.

Now I know that this is a cabbies site but I feel I have to have my say regarding Harry Redknapp.

For years I have heard Spurs fans go on about what a joke it was when people called for Harry to be England manager and how West Ham and Pompey fans were deluded when they said what a good boss he was. In fact I don’t think I have ever heard any Spurs fan say anything good about him.

Now he has taken the job at Shi*e fart lane it seems he is what the Spurs fans have always wanted,but then again so were Ramos,Pleat,Jol etc etc, I’d just like to say that as a Hammer for over 40 years it hurts me to see Harry there but I can see why he took the job and its not because “ITS A BIG CLUB,or A SLEEPING GIANT” he took the job for the money and good luck to him.

But Spurs fans just remember 1 thing,it was only a few months ago that Harry said he would retire at Portsmouth and nothing would drag him away from there. The next thing you know he is in Newcastle being interviewed for the job there,then he turns up at the Totts taking the job there. So if you think he is the answer then I would just keep an eye on the situations vacant adds cause you never know where he may turn up next.

A quick plea before I go and that is about cabbies cutting others up just to get in front. In the last couple of weeks I have had numerous cabs jump red lights and do high speed U turns just so that they can get in front of me. Now I know things are quiet out there but it is bad enough having to fight off the miniscabs every night without our own sort tucking us up. So come on boys and girls we are better than that.

Cheers Del Boy

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