How much is a taxi to……

I’m off to the US on business later in the week and just found out that I have a 9:00 am flight.

I hate the thought of messing around getting tubes, especially when you consider that you have to check in 3 hours in advance so you can get a good seat, clear security and spend some pre-holiday money in duty free.

I got bored and did a search to see how much a taxi from home to the airport would be and stumbled on this site. – WorldTaxiMeter  It tells me that my fair from Ilford to Heathrow is about £102 – is that about right?

You can calculate taxi fares from major cities. I’m interested to hear how accurate it is.


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  1. Brian says:

    Probably not a million miles away, make sure you get a proper black cab though, don’t waste your time with a minicab you will be lucky if they get you to the airport before your return flight and then charge a ridiculous amount for the poor service.

    Also as Ilford is a Suburban area the driver will not have the detailed knowledge of Inner London, if you can get a train to Liverpool Street you can get a Black Cab from there and it will work out cheaper.

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