T.X.4’s under bonnet fires

It all started back in the summer 2008, by the 31st of July there were now two cabs that had mysteriously caught alight. But it wasn’t until September when the 7th cab caught fire, the same day that they recalled 600 cabs, the PCO recalled in the “56” registered range and a few of the “07” range for immediate inspection.


Man & Overton would have safety checks carried out on the 15th of September and it was intended that the exercise would be completed by the end of the following week. After the first week LTI were still unable to confirm that the taxis were safe to use and could still not identify the cause of the fire, therefore no remedial action could be taken.




 On the 19th September the PCO ordered the licences of all tx4s in the “56” range to be suspended until further notice. All the fires have been within the vehicle identification (VIN) range 200001 to 201000



26th September 2008


Up date on TX4’s under bonnet fires


LTI have been carrying out a full and thorough investigation into the cause of the twelve under bonnet fires that have occurred over the last few months.  LTI have employed independent fire investigators, the leading engineering company Ricardo and VM Motori, the manufacturer of the TX4 engine to assist them in the examination into the cause of the under bonnet fires.


LTI have identified a range of solutions designed to stop the type of under bonnet fire that has been experienced in the twelve early TX4s from occurring. The PCO and Licensing Authorities have been kept informed during the process of investigation and rectification.  PCO officials are reviewing the results and considering the rework programme that LTI has proposed to enable drivers to begin using their TX4s that were affected by the suspension of their licenses.


LTI will carry out the following actions:•    Replace the Exhaust Gas Recirculation pipe

    Fit a thermal sleeve to the Exhaust Gas Recirculation pipe

    Install a heat shield over the Exhaust Gas Recirculation pipe

    Replace the bulkhead Noise Vibration and Harshness pad with one of a new design and material

    Thoroughly inspect all pipe runs and wiring for evidence of unusual wear and replace as necessary To rebuild driver confidence in the TX4, LTI will also fit a fire suppression system.


LTI have employed the services of Sigma who are a specialist rework company in the automotive industry and very experienced in carrying out corrective action programmes. Sigma will initially be based at Mann & Overton London on a day and night shift and will utilise thirty ramps and sixty technicians to initially rework approximately 50 vehicles per 24 hour period.


Drivers will be contacted by LTI in ascending VIN number order and will be requested to leave their vehicle at Mann & Overton for the day or night for the work to be carried out. It is important that drivers adhere to the booking system to avoid similar scenes at Mann & Overton when drivers tried to queue jump the inspection process. Only by following the designated process can LTI be assured that they have correctly reworked all the affected vehicles in the fastest possible time.


Once this rework process has begun in London it will immediately be extended to the regions to rework the vehicles outside of London as well.


LTI apologise again for the inconvenience caused and will work to ensure that the rework programme can be carried out in the shortest possible time.


As far as I’m concerned LTI  have still not given the reason “WHY” the fires started in the first place.


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Be lucky. Steve.


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  1. that is the question I along with many other TX4 drivers. Why did the TX4s catch fire? Why are we waiting for our compensation? Why can’t LTI make a Taxi that is trouble free? Why does the TX4 cost £5000 less now? Why do we still have this stupid 25 feet turning circle requirement?
    Robert Norris

  2. derek says:

    Hello Mr Norris I have seen some of your rants,sorry comments,on youtube and while I feel very sorry for your prediciment I also feel that the TX is a decent cab.
    When the merc “taxi” has stood the time like the LTI vechicles have then I may change my mind until then I will stick with LTI.
    My own tx1 has over 350,000 miles on the clock and still starts first time,and runs great.
    There are many TX4 owners out there who tell me that their cabs are the best cabs they have ever had and looking in the cabs for sale adds they seem to cover the miles there are many with over 150,000 miles on them.
    As for the 25ft turning circle I love it,how many times have you got stuck in Oxford street in the early hours while some miniscab does a 5 point turn?
    Even the merc “taxi” has to press buttons to do the same thing we can do with a flick of the wrist.
    I agree that LTI could do a lot to make thier cabs better but I think that they are the best vechicle for the job.
    As for the TX4 costing £5000 less now I don’t know if you have noticed but we are in the grips of a CREDIT CRUNCH and all motor manufacturers have reduced their prices even mercedes.

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