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Hello everybody hope you are well and earning enough during the “credit crunch”, I can’t help thinking about a new chocolate bar every time I hear those words, you can bet that if it was a chocolate bar it would almost certainly contain crushed nuts.

Talking about the credit crunch, are you getting bored with hearing gloom and doom everytime you turn the radio on. Also I have to wonder where the money is coming from when I hear that the government have bailed out yet another bank to the tune of billions of our tax payers pounds, I can’t help thinking this going to cost me more money!

I have heard that Tfl have lost millions in the Icelandic bank collapse, I can feel an increase in the renewal fees for our bills and overhauls on the way don’t you . After all some one has got to pay for the incompetance of those who lost the money and it certainly won’t be them,and that just leaves us doesn’t it!

I have joined the LTDA,after years of saying that I didn’t need to. I did this for their Badgesafe scheme as I have just been given 3 points for jumping a red light on Farringdon Rd. Now I’m not going to moan about how unfair it is,because I was in the wrong , but it seems to me that as there are more and more of these cameras about even the most careful of drivers are going to find themselves in this position and I have decided that I want to have some one there to help out if the worst happens.

Talking of cameras,have you noticed that since the introduction of them and the decline in the number of traffic police, there seems to be more people driving under the influence of either drink or drugs. Hardly a day goes by without me seeing at least one during my working hours.

Over the last few weeks I have decided that I hate traffic lights at night, I seem to spend more and more of my time sitting at red lights when there is nothing else on the road. Its about time that the government introduced the system that I have been told they have in certain parts of the USA and europe, where the traffic lights are turned off at night and you just have a flashing amber or red light warning you that there is a junction ahead so procede with caution. This will save the council some money and reduce the impact on the environment which in turn will earn them some brownie points with the government and the bigwigs in europe who keep banging on about the amount of pollution we are pumping in to the air.

While on the point of pollution,don’t you think that if Ken Livingstone had asked the companies in the city and out at Canary Wharf to turn their lights and PCs off when there was nobody there, that would have done a lot more good for the environment than converting a few thousand London Cabs to euro 3 standards. The money these companies would have saved might have stopped them getting into the state they are in now.

Well what have I been up to recently. Firstly I have been off line for a week or so as our PC died and we had to get another one which was an expense we could have done without.

I have had a few funny jobs over the past few weeks including the girl trying to get a cab in Oxford Street by the junction of Newman Street, I pulled over and she asked me approx how much to Dalston? About £15 I replied so she says Ok I’ll just go and get my boyfriend.

I watched as she walked over to a bloke who was sitting on the pavement in a puddle of vomit,and god knows what else, and tried to get him to his feet. I called her back to the cab and explained that there was no way that he was getting in my cab in that state and also that no other cabbie would let him in.

Well she started to shout at me saying that as I had stopped for her I had to take her where ever she wanted and she knew this because her dad is a cabbie and he had told her this was so. When she stopped shouting I told her I had no problem taking her home but I was quite within my rights to refuse her other half because of the state he was in, I also said that if she didn’t believe me she should ask her dad. She started to shout again this time telling me she would report me to the PCO because of my attitude. So I told her to do that and I also said that if her dad was a cabbie why didn’t she give him a ring and get him to pick her and her fella up.That way she would get home and probably save herself a few quid in the process. She didn’t give me a reason why she shouldn’t but she did call me some more names as she went back to her drunk fella.

A few days later,also in Oxford St, I stopped for a lady who asked how much to Acton? About  £25 I replied,she was happy with this so off we went with her boyfriend in tow. As we were going down Bayswater Rd she tapped on the glass and said can we go along the A40 and why is the meter still on, as we had agreed a price?

I replied that the A 40 was fine with me, and that I didn’t agree a price but it would probably go less than £25 anyway but rather than have an argument I would settle for £25. She thought about this for a moment and said leave the meter on then if it is going to be cheaper and went back to trying to swallow her boyfriends face!

When we got to the address there was £23.80 on the clock. I put the intercom on and told them we had arrived. She let her fella get his breath back and told me that she had to get the money from inside her house.

Off she went leaving her bloke in the cab as security, when she got back to the cab the meter had ticked over to £25 and she asked why it had gone up since we had stopped. When I explained to her that it was on untill she had paid me she pulled a face, she then handed me £30 through the window and told me to keep the change! All that fuss and then a £5 tip.

Another strange one happened last Wednesday, at about 5.30am I was driving past the entrance to the White House and saw some suitcases inside the door. So thinking that there was somebody checking out I stopped and reversed onto the empty rank.

After about 5 mins a ford galaxy miniscab pulled onto the forecourt and started to load the cases in the back. I thought that I may as well pull away from there when another miniscab pulled up behind the galaxy.

As I was getting ready to pull away I saw about 8 or 9 fellas come out of the hotel and start trying to put their bags into the back of the second car. I could see that there was no way that all of these bags and people were getting in the 2 cars so I thought I would wait to see happened.

After a couple of minutes of putting bags into and out of the cars the passengers started to look towards my cab. Then the doorman came over and said that they may want to go to T5 and would I wait. Of couse I said yes and put the meter on.

A few minutes later the doorman puts a couple of suitcases by the luggage door of my cab and walks away. So out I go and load the cases in  and back comes the doorman with 4 of the blokes. They get in the back and the doorman comes round to my door and holds his hand out telling me that he had got me an airport!!!!

Needless to say he didn’t get anything from me apart from a smug look as I drove away.

When I arrived at T5 the fellas got out and 1 asked to pay me by credit card as they had given all their cash to the miniscabs, no problem I replied and as I sorted the card out we got chatting and he told me that they had paid £80 for each miniscab,which the hotel had promised would fit all of them in.

You can imagine how upset they were when I told them that they had given at least £20 to the hotel doorman in back handers just to book the cars.

So the trip to LAP cost them over £220 by the time they had paid me off. And just to blow my own trumpet a bit, not only was it cheaper in my cab but we arrived at T5 and had settled the credit card paperwork before the miniscabs got there.

Well that me done for now I’ll be back soon.

PS; sorry if this blog is too long Steve but I’m sure you will forgive me just this once!

Cheers Del Boy

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  1. steve says:

    Del don’t worry about the blog being to long, I seem to be the only one making any comments about it, I think you’re probably at your best when writing long blogs.

    Crafty buggers at the White house,just as well you were there, well done.Maybe now that you’ve joined the L.T.D.A you can inform them of the latest goings on at the White house htl.

    You’re right about traffic lights at night, we don’t need them. I was waiting at a set of lights in Chigwell the other night, waited and waited, three times it changed, but not in my favor, 2am,the only one on the road,Boris get your act together and sort it out.

    Talking of speed cameras del I only got caught again last night in Vauxhall bridge rd on a digital camera, thats twice in two weeks. Three weeks ago I got done for doing a u turn in Southampton row.I’m just throwing my money at em.

    I’ve always said the councils should set an example to the rest of us and switch of all the street lights that are on during the day, make Canary wharf and the City switch of unnecessary office lights. Especially now they’ve blown all our money.

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