Easy come easy go

Going back a few years, while driving round Hyde Park corner, a woman standing on the platform of a Rout master, flags me down. So I pulled up behind the bus,off she jumps and she tells me where she wants to go.

I picked this lady up in  Drury Lane, she says to me can you take me to a statue somewhere in fleet Street, she says it’s only a small statue, I’ve left my car there. When I arrived in Fleet Street the first statue I come across was the

Temple bar memorial, not exactly small, as you can see in this Picture. It was the right one though..


Another day on my way to Waterloo Station this woman asks me what I thought of cyclists . (Why did she have to upset me and ask me that, I was having such a lovely day.)Anyway after I board her with all the reasons with what I thought of them and what lovely people they are. She tells me what she thought of them, ending with they are so smelly as well. More info then I expected.

On my way to

Canary Wharf, just past Butcher row, waiting to turn right into Branch road, just as the lights turn green, a car decides to pull into our lane, nearly hitting the car in front of me.As you can imagine the other driver wasn’t to happy, ( while all this was going on we caught the red light again.) he got out of his car and started pointing his finger and shouting expletives, then got back in his car, then

I can only guess the driver that caused the problem in the first place, said something,because the other driver got out of his car again, and started shouting again, thank god he got back in his car a lot quicker this time, we managed to go through the green light.

As we turned the corner the traffic came to a halt. I managed to squeeze by so I could continue to Narrow street, my passenger looked out my back window , she told me that the driver who was doing all the swearing, has got out of his car again, but this time he just walked off, leaving a long queue of cars behind him. That was the last I saw of him.

On my way home I took a chance and left my for hire sign on (after all it was 1′o clock in the morning and I did not fancy going anywhere but east),this guy flags me down in Byward st, near the Tower of London, he says to me can you take me to Buckhurst Hill, I says no problem mate.

Twenty minutes and £46.20 later, I drop him off, he was happy, he gave me 50 pound and I was on my way.

Five minutes later still counting my money, “oops” lack of concentration 60 pound to the local council.
At least someones happy.  Ps i’m glad the wife dosen’t read my blogs.

Be lucky. Steve.

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  1. Karno says:

    I was racing at the Speedrome in the year 54 and 55- What a time I had, My Name is David McKellar, The very first race I had , I hit Duke Melinn, , not on popruse,His car went flying through the air.Needless to say, he was not happy,He was driving a 32 Chev, coup, I drove a 37 Plymouth

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