Archive for October, 2008


How much is a taxi to……

I’m off to the US on business later in the week and just found out that I have a 9:00 am flight.
I hate the thought of messing around getting tubes, especially when you consider that you have to check in 3 hours in advance so you can get a good seat, clear security and spend [...]


T.X.4’s under bonnet fires

It all started back in the summer 2008, by the 31st of July there were now two cabs that had mysteriously caught alight. But it wasn’t until September when the 7th cab caught fire, the same day that they recalled 600 cabs, the PCO recalled in the “56” registered range and a few of [...]


Back on line

Hello everybody hope you are well and earning enough during the “credit crunch”, I can’t help thinking about a new chocolate bar every time I hear those words, you can bet that if it was a chocolate bar it would almost certainly contain crushed nuts.
Talking about the credit crunch, are you getting bored with hearing gloom and [...]


Easy come easy go

Going back a few years, while driving round Hyde Park corner, a woman standing on the platform of a Rout master, flags me down. So I pulled up behind the bus,off she jumps and she tells me where she wants to go.
I picked this lady up in  Drury Lane, she says to me can you [...]

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