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Hello everybody hope you are all well, keeping dry and nice and busy.

Well thats the holidays done with for another year, we had a great time on the boat even if it was a bit wet at times. It is just nice to be able to sit and do nothing for a few days and have a glass or two of wine without worrying about having to drive the next day.

The first week back was quiet and it was a bit of a struggle to do the money each day but we did it, just.

It seems that August has turned into a second “Kipper Season” that seems to last all month long.

There are a few bits and pieces that have happened since I have been back that are worth putting down here and I’ll start with a drunk fella in Holborn who walked out in front of me and put his hand up like an old time copper stopping traffic.

I stopped, if I hadn’t I’d have killed him, and he started shouting and telling me that a cab had driven off with his bag in the back while he was getting some money out of the cash machine.

I asked him to move over to the side of the road so we were not blocking the road but he was not budging, saying that I would drive off and leave him stranded ( and he was right). As we stood there arguing a police car came up the road so I flagged it down and explained to the 2 coppers inside what was going on and all the time the fella was still shouting at me and the police saying that all cabbies were thieves and he wasn’t going to move untill he had his bag back.

The police turned round and parked behind me and 1 got out and spoke to the drunk whilst the other one asked me what had happened.As I explained about the cab driving off with the fellas bag I overheard the other copper ask the bloke if he had got the number of the cab or driver and he replied that if he had he wouldn’t need the polices f-ing help would he!

With that the 2 policemen took him to one side to speak about his attitude and I was told I was free to leave, which I did with great haste.

I also picked up a couple of lads who decided to try and snort some cocaine off the back seat, they were less than impressed when I told them to stop or get out and walk home in the rain.

I have seen my first couple of Merc “cabs” and I must admit that they look quite nice but I for one will not be buying one, firstly because I believe that the public will be confused between what is a real  cab and what is a miniscab and we will see more of our night work disappear into the back of touts motors. Also how long will it be before one of the miniscab firms start to buy the Vito in bulk and then start bleating on to the idiots at the PCO that as they have the same “cabs” and sat nav they can offer the same service and therefore  should be allowed to pick up off the streets the same as us.

And  secondly,as anyone that knows me will tell you, I drove vans for 25 + years and now I have a proper trade I don’t want to go back to driving a van. When I was driving vans I had a small transport company with my brother and we ran Merc vans along with Transits and a LDV van, and all I can say about the mercs is they were good when they were running but when they went wrong ,which was more frequently than the Ford and LDV, you had to dig very deep to pay for the repairs. If you think LTI can charge for bits and labour have a quick look at your local Merc dealer price list !

While I am on the subject of the Merc , dosen’t it strike you as funny that KPM have launched it at a very similar price as the TX4 almost as if they have hedged their bets and don’t want to upset their paymasters at LTI by bringing in a vehicle that will undercut their main product. After all I doubt that they will sell as many mercs in a year as they will TX4’s in a couple of months.

Steve has asked me to keep my blogs shorter so that I can update more often and therefore keep the site fresher, I don’t agree so let us know what you think.

Also we are thinking of putting a photo section on the site, a bit like they do in Taxi mag,with funny and interesting photos of things that we see during our working day or night. So if you have any good ones send them in to Steve,and if you have any dirty ones send them in to me. ONLY JOKING!!!!!!!!

I will log off now and come back with more ramblings next week .

Cheers Del Boy

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  1. steve says:

    Del as we already know minicabs already pick up of the street, legal or not.As you say all it takes is for one of the minicab firms to buy the Vito vans in bulk, they will continue as usual.

    I like your shorter blogs. It would be good to here what the public think.

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