Our first aniversary

l’d like to thank Derek for his wit, when bloging on Legaledoff, because without him it would have been less entertaining. p.s we will get round to that barby, I promise.
I’d also like to thank Lester for the occasional blogs, and for setting up Legaledoff for me in the first place.

And everyone else that has made a comment.

Thank you all. Steve. And be lucky out there.

2 Responses to “Our first aniversary”

  1. derek says:

    Steve congrats on your 1st year and heres to a few more to come.
    As for that barby I won,t hold my breath.
    Speak to you soon.
    Cheers Del Boy

  2. Lester says:

    Yep worst year of my life. 3am support calls, teaching you how to write HTML, talking about web sites when I should be enjoying a beer. I even had to move house.

    I’m glad its all up and running and good luck for the next year. :-)

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