Whinge of the week

What is going on with our buses twice in one day they let me out, don’t they realise i’m a Taxi, very strange. While on the subject of buses I’ve noticed that more and more are behaving themselves, they are actually indicating before pulling out, in fact they are waiting to be let out first. It must be a change of policy from above. It won’t last.

Can someone tell me what is the point in letting Taxis use Bloomsbury street wc1, when they don’t allow us to turn right into New Oxford street, absolutely pointless. We wouldn’t want to use it anyway, it’s always jam packed with Buses.

While on the phone chatting to Derek the other day, I pulled up at the kings cross station rank. I told him that everyone was about face, the queue ended where it should have begun. Anyway it did me a favour, this guy wanted to go to the Heathrow hotel on the Bath road, just past Heathrow airport. Lovely jubly. Just what the doctor ordered.

While Driving down Piccadilly last Thursday, I picked up these guys, I drove about ten foot, then heard a loud bang from the near of my cab, I thought I drove over a pot hole, which I didn’t see. I started to imagine all sort of things. Firstly I could hear a wining coming from my diff, also the cab seemed to be pulling to one side, when I arrived at my final destination in Fulham, my punter says to me it sounded like either your suspension or your shock absorber, that made that sound.

The next day I went straight to my garage, they told me that my leaf spring Has snapped, when they took it of, I could see for myself, it broke in two places.So they replaced it for me and also the one on the other side too.

No doubt the other one wouldn’t have lasted, who knows how long, it was worth doing both sides at the same time. A hundered and seventy pound later, And I haven’t started work yet.

The state of our roads has cost me a few bob over the last couple of months, I’ve just had my tracking done again, the last time was two months ago.

What is the point in paying road Tax , when they can’t even repair our roads properly.


Derek has chosen the right couple of weeks to take of for his holiday, Monday the 18th was absolutely dire. Monday evening I’ve just finished my dinner, it’s now 10.30pm, my first job is at the Victoria Apollo theatre, it went to Russell sq, and that was it until I picked up at kings x stn again. ( My second home) That only went to great Russell st, from there I was home ward bound, end of day, as they say tomorrow is another day.


The only people that seem to be doing any work are the Pedi cabs aka Pedi scabs, while driving around, not just Covent garden anymore, Piccadilly ,the Strand, Oxford street, you name it they’re there. They will charge per punter, my mates doughter and friend got in one from Covent garden to Waterloo, they charged them £20 pound, more then double if you were to use a Licenced Taxi. I know when it’s quite we like to moan, these Pedi scabs are not licensed, not insured, they are allowed by Boris to pick up people in the street, even though they don’t hold any sort of Hackney Carriage Licence. You have got to be nuts to want to ride in one. If they had an accident, you get injured, you are not covered, you will have to take out a legal claim against the driver, fat chance in you getting any money out of them, it would be like getting blood from a stone.



This is what the Pedi cabs look like Use them if you dare.



Be lucky Steve.

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