Monday 2 Friday

Monday the 14th of July what a great day, perfect weather, no traffic, lots of work, no rude punters, smiles all round. What could possible go wrong.

Tuesday it all turned pear shape, what went wrong I though the traffic was going to be ok for the next six to eight weeks, while the schools were off.It was total chaos everywhere, the complete opposite to Monday and it felt as though the temperature was even higher. Not a lot of work, it wasn’t as though you could get to it anyway.

Wednesday on my way in to work, while driving down the Old ford road in Bow, I saw the driver in front of me on the phone not hands free, the driver directly behind me on the phone again not hands free, and at the same time a car was passing in the opposite direction on the phone again not hands free.

Since the Government announced they were going to imprison anyone who has an accident and causes death while on the phone, and could get up to seven years inside.

There seems to be even more people on the phone.

Thursday not much to say just the usual traffic problems, made worse because of the Great city race. One of many we have in London.

Friday thank God. Two prats on scooters blatantly go through red lights and turn left up Copenhagen street, just as a police car was heading towards them. Did they do anything not on your nelly, infact they looked the other way. Even a bunch of kids on the pavement that saw what happened looked astonished. No wonder kids don’t have respect for the police.

I was no angel as a youngster, I remember once when I took a chance and drove my car around the block, no road tax, Mr plod just happened to be parked up at the end of the road, I panicked and started driving faster, I quickly drove into my car port, ran into my house, up the stairs, on the way up I told my mum if a cooper happens to come up the back garden, tell him it wasn’t me driving my car.

Well it didn’t work out as planned, I was made to come down the stairs and explain myself to the old bill who was standing in the kitchen with my mum. I got three points, and I think at the time a thirty pound fine. You just don’t think you’ll get caught .

the point i’m trying to make is that the police did not look the other way.

Kings x to Fenchurch st stn, I get as far as bank before he says why didn’t you go along London wall mate ? I said because I didn’t think of going that way mate. He said aggressively o come on. I said you can think what you like mate, with that he abruptly said turn left here which was Lombard, I said that’s the way I was going anyway.( I thought to myself why did he bother to say anything in the first place). When we arrived at the station I asked for £12.20, he said I’ll have to make it up with euro’s, I said that’s fine, so he gave me five euro’s, which was more then enough to cover the 20 pence he owed me. I wasn’t particularly bothered about the 20 pence, it was the principle of the matter that I was concerned with.

Be lucky Steve.


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