one of those days

I pulled up at Kings x stn rank, my first job of the day, he had lots of cases, he wanted to put them all in my cab. I told him they wouldn’t fit in and that he needed two cabs, so he made his wife and two kids get out, he just stood there and gave me the two finger gesture, to the amazement of onlookers.

Next on the rank was a woman, she asks me how much to Heathrow I told her around sixty pound depending on which terminal, she just stood there, mouth open, then walked off. What a great start to my day.

Third time lucky not as good as Heathrow, he went to Victoria stn.On my way there at the junction of Gordon sq and Byng pl there’s a cycle track that runs parallel to the main road, you have to stop and check there’s no cycles coming, which I did, so then I pulled up to the main road waited for the last few cars to clear before I turned right. Can you believe my luck about five cycles came along, without stopping to let the traffic pass, awkward as hell, they just continue, drive around the cars, there’s always a mouthy one, it always seems to be the one’s wearing those tight shorts and yellow tops.

I was glad to see the back of the day nothing seemed to go right for me. The sky was a murky grey during the early afternoon. I think it must have something to do with the weather why people were so obnoxious.

Be lucky Steve.

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