Back to work, at last!

Well here we are again, I hope you are all well and earning enough money to keep you going.

The cab failed it,s 6 monthly but only because the garage didn’t do their job properly. I gave them a list of jobs that needed doing and one of those was the luggage door window didn’t work, the person doing the job never read the list and so the cab failed which meant an extra day at home.

My garage have been really great over the 5 years that I have used them so I am not going to slag them off but I do hope that this is just a one off , because it took me a long time to find a garage that I could trust and I don’t want to have to start looking all over again, we will have to wait and see.

The bill ,which included the new front bumper, came to over £1050 so I really do hope that they get rid of the 6 monthly before next year.

Before you all say that the cab was obviously not being maintained properly I have to say that it was,but I am very fussy and if there is a rattle or a knock I have to take it to the garage and get it sorted ASAP and the 6 monthly has made me even more paranoid so I am always giving money to the garage to get jobs done that would probably be OK leaving for the time being.

The good thing about the extra day off is I managed to top up my tan in the back garden!

I picked the cab up on Wednesday afternoon, so I thought that I would work through the night like I did when I first started driving a cab.

It was strange getting into the right flow as the afternoon and evening trade comes from different areas than the work that I usually do, an example being that most mornings when I start there is work in the westend with people going home from the clubs and pubs but in the afternoon the majority of punters that I picked up wanted to go to the stations and over the period between 4 pm till 7 pm I think I went to every main station at least once with paddington winning with 3 visits. I suppose that it is good to try working at different times occasionally so as not to get stuck in a rut.

Working these times also meant that I was able to catch up with Steve and Erroll over a cup of tea at the Astral cafe.

It was good to see them again even if Erroll thought it was fun to note that my diet wasn’t working and the odd comment about how I managed to keep my motorbike upright under my weight was made but only in jest I’m sure !

The night went well and I managed to earn some good money so it wasn’t too bad having to give up a nights sleep.

Friday started well but ended with another trip to the garage with a problem with the steering which ended with a new idler box being fitted.

One job I did on Friday sticks in my mind and it showed the police in a bad light. I have always defended the police as I feel that they do a job that most of us wouldn’t want to do, no matter how much we were paid, but I must say I have had second thoughts about them over the last few days.

The story goes like this, I was driving along Oxford St toward Tottenham Court Rd and saw a few lads trying to get a cab, the cab in front of me had his light on but just sailed by so my first thought was to go by also but they didn’t look too bad so I took a chance and pulled over.

When I stopped I could hear a few raised voices and could see a fella with 2 large rotwielers giving these blokes hell and asking them if they wanted a fight. He also made it quite clear that he had a knife and wasn’t afraid to use it.

The lads were getting in the cab when he came back over and started again to threaten them and asked if they wanted a broken nose, he then came to the nearside window and started telling me to get moving and take them away from there or he would give one of them a broken nose.

When we were on our way to where they wanted to go, Notting Hill, I asked what had happened and they told me that 1 of the lads ,who were visiting from Ireland, had gone to stroke the dogs and the fella had gone mad,starting to threaten them for no reason.

After I dropped them off I turned round to go back to Oxford St when I saw a van full of police parked on Bayswater Rd just before Marble Arch. So I stopped the cab and told them what I had seen and heard and was told by them that they would go and see what they could do.

They did a quick U turn and headed off toward Oxford St, as they got to Marble Arch they took a quick right down Park Lane never to be seen again! Which makes you think that they were just trying to humour me by saying they were going have a look but really had no intention of ever doing so.

I have in the past helped the police whenever I could but I would think twice about doing so again when they show such disinterest in what they are told.

That all for now.

Cheers Del Boy.

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