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bits ‘N’ bobs

Hello everyone hope you are all well, I have been reading through the last few blogs that I have written and I seem to be turning into a miserable old git ,so I have decided to have a light hearted go this time.
Firstly it’s good to see that Steve has put a link to the [...]


Black cabs go green

The well-known black cabs of London will go green for the 2012 Olympics, using hydrogen fuel cells and batteries in a hybrid solution.
According to a source, the hybrid will be able to operate for a full day without refuelling, and can achieve speeds up to 75 mph with better acceleration than [...]


one of those days

I pulled up at Kings x stn rank, my first job of the day, he had lots of cases, he wanted to put them all in my cab. I told him they wouldn’t fit in and that he needed two cabs, so he made his wife and two kids get out, he just stood there [...]


Back to work, at last!

Well here we are again, I hope you are all well and earning enough money to keep you going.
The cab failed it,s 6 monthly but only because the garage didn’t do their job properly. I gave them a list of jobs that needed doing and one of those was the luggage door window didn’t work, [...]

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