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Hi there everybody, hope you are all well, It,s that time of the year for our first (and hopefully last) 6 monthly check.

We have left the cab at the garage as there are a couple of jobs that need doing and a service as well. We are hoping that the check will go ok and that there are no hidden jobs to bump the costs up.

When we dropped the cab off the lads in the garage told us that the guys at SGS are being very picky and finding fault with most of the cabs that go up, apparently they are as bad if not worse than the old guard at the PCO were. It makes you wonder if they are trying to keep the 6 monthly checks going by finding fault and then telling Boris that he can,t scrap the checks as the condition of the cabs being presented isn,t good enough thus ensuring that they keep us paying out more each year for their services.

I had the bumper replaced at last and the cab looks great again but for how long who knows as the lovely  people who live in our little village are very fond of taking a key to the paintwork every now and then.

I had the air con re-gassed last week and it stopped working again 3 days later. I took the cab back to the air con place and they then had a quick look and told me that the air con rad was leaking and would be between £250 and £350 depending on whether or not they can get the pipe off without breaking it! There is some good news though, they said they wont charge us to re-gas it this time !

Well that will do me for now, I’ll be back next week to let you all know how we get on.

Cheers Del Boy

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  1. steve says:

    Like you Del I’ll be glad when Boris scraps our six monthly test.

    We don’t need S.G.S. telling us when we need to change a wiper motor or a leaking rad.

    They seem to think we do, It’s a total rip off.

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