Touts, touts and more touts. (could also be called where have the TOCU gone?)

Hello everybody hope you are all well and managing to keep up with the price of derv, its exciting isn’t it, I mean every time you go to the pumps you can play a game with the kids and try to see who can guess how much it has risen since the last time. The winner gets the prize of going in to pay the nice lady behind the counter, although if it gets much dearer we will have to get securicor to deliver it in one of their armoured vans.

As you can see from the title of this little ramble I have been having trouble with touts again.Anybody that works the times that I do can’t have noticed how many there are out there now, its like an epicidemic. I have even found myself being threatened by one of them when I had the audacity to stop for a girl that had hailed me when he had decided that he wanted to take her to her destination himself. He told me ,after I had got out of the cab to remonstrate with him and he had locked himself back in his nice black people carrier, that i should be ashamed of myself for stealing his work!

I spoke to Steve today to see why he hasn’t been updating his blog and was supprised to find that he was working at 2 pm. He told me that he was now having to do an extra hour or two each day to try and keep up with the fuel increases and I said I was doing the same. when we worked it out we decided that it could actualy be counter productive,cos if every one is doing the same thing then there are more cabs on the road for longer meaning that the work is being spread thinner which means that we are working harder and longer to earn the extra money. So my idea is this, I work between midnight and 9am, so if you all stay at home between those hours I’ll earn my money quicker and go home earlier and that means there will be more work for you all when I have gone. Well its a thought. ONLY JOKING lol.

When Boris becamame Mayor he said that he was proud of the London cab trade and he would keep us as the best cab trade in the world. or words to that effect. He was going to double the size of the TOCU and have more late night operations going on around the west end and city to drive out the touts. Have you seen any of these operations cos I certainly haven’t.

Now I know that Boris has only been in the job for a few weeks so we have to give him some time to get things going but at the same time I think we should be told what his plans are, I mean he was quick enough to come up with some ideas about stopping drinking on public transport and also planting some trees in the bleaker areas of town.

So my idea is this, I think we should ask him what, if anything, is in the pipeline so I am going to send Boris an email and I suggest if you feel strongly enough about our trade you could do the same.

The email I am sending is very polite and to the point and if I get a reply I will let you all know. If any of you do the same and get a reply please let us all know what it is .

I wrote the piece above last night, (Fri), and this morning went to send an email to Boris. When I got to his website I found that he had just announced plans to clean up the touts and in his own words”make sure that the public can travel safely to and from their destinations and getting rid of the touts is the first step”. So I applaud Boris and I have held fire on my e,mail untill we see what difference it makes. Who knows maybe next time I feel strongly enough to send him an email it will be to congratulate him on the great job he has done.

Do any of you rank up at The White House in Abany St? I go there most days,to use the bathrooms, and have noticed the same couple of cabs keep coming and going whilst I am ranked up. Anyway over the last couple of weeks I have watched these cabbies and they obviously have the doormen in their pockets as I have watched them hand over fivers and tenners like they are going out of fashion. Twice in the last couple of weeks one of these cabbies has been on point and when a job has come out he has broomed it to the cab behind saying that he is prebooked. This week he tried it with me with a job going to Euston so when I asked him why he didn,t do it he said he was booked to go the airport so it was my job. I did the Euston and went back and he was still there only now he was on the forecourt sending the punters to the rank.

Yesterday I was outside there again when the doorman called me on to the forecourt and a lady got in asking for T5, the doorman smiled nicely at me and put his hand through the window for his “TIP” and got sweet f%^k all.

The lady then told me that she was asked by the doorman when checking out where she was going and when she told him T5 he said he would get her a car, but she said that she prefered to go by cab and he said he would get her one. She told him that there was one outside but he replied that the ones outside wouldn,t take her that far and he would call one that worked for the hotel. The lady then said that she would ask me as she was in a hurry and that is when he called me up to the door.

So the next time you have done time on the rank at the White House and a light silver grey R reg TX1 driven by a short slightly bald fella about 60ish pulls on to the forecourt you may as well get ready to go to Euston or Padders cos you certanly wont be going to LHR.

I had a good job this week,one that makes you wonder if the great london public actually believe that we know where we are going. It was about 2.30 on Thursday and I had stopped on Oxford St to get my newspaper from the fella in the doorway near KFC at Marble Arch when 2 city gents came up and asked me to take them to sth Ealing Rd, They sat down and then one of them piped up “I dont want you ripping us off so go the way I tell you which is up Bayswater rd until you can turn onto the A40 then up to Hanger Lane turn left and then go to Ealing Common turn right and I’ll direct you from there”. I am so glad he told me to go that way as I would have gone straight down to Shepards Bush ,Uxbridge Rd onto Ealing Common and done myself out of about £15!

Thats all for now and I’ll try to get back a little quicker next time. Cheers Del Boy

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