Archive for June, 2008


6 monthly

Hi there everybody, hope you are all well, It,s that time of the year for our first (and hopefully last) 6 monthly check.
We have left the cab at the garage as there are a couple of jobs that need doing and a service as well. We are hoping that the check will go ok and [...]


Bendy Busses

Steve is always complaining about Bendy Busses in London. Take him to the pub, give him a few beers slip in the bus word and you can take out a book and read for the next few hours while Steve rants away in the background. Occasionally throw in an ‘a-ha’ at strategic points and your [...]


Nice and easy

It never ceases to amaze me The amount of cab drivers not using the ranks correctly
I dropped at Paddington stn the other day, there was a long queue of punters waiting and only a few cabs that included the ones dropping off, so I waited for the last cab to pass me and [...]


Touts, touts and more touts. (could also be called where have the TOCU gone?)

Hello everybody hope you are all well and managing to keep up with the price of derv, its exciting isn’t it, I mean every time you go to the pumps you can play a game with the kids and try to see who can guess how much it has risen since the last time. [...]

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