Mayor of London

Boris did it” Mayor of London” he’s made a lot of cabbies happy or has he we will just have to wait and see. He’s got a lot on his plate, god knows how long before he tackles our mid term safety inspection, the sooner the better. An unnecessary expense to the cab trade. Before I managed to publish this blog he was on L.B.C. radio talking about our mid term safety inspection and he says he will  put the proposals to a consultation we should have an answer in about three months. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.


Have you checked how much diesel is creeping up by, a garage I use quite often is probably one of the cheapest around, the Shell garage in Epping new road at120.9 per litre. But it’s still going up a penny a week. Just working on 19 pence a litre 25 litres works out at £114 extra a month. That’s quite a lot even for us cabbies after all we can’t put that cost on our meters and charge it to our punters. I wish.


Now they tell us that Gas is going up 15% what next? Well I suppose it’s not as bad being self employed as on p.a.y.e. at least we can work longer when needed to pay the bills.


Hasn’t the weather been nice?  At least until Thursday that is but they reckon it’ll change again on Sunday the 18th. Just have to wait and see won’t we.


I stopped for this guy outside Nobu restaurant in Berkeley st. He says Pentonville rd please then pushes this lady in the cab, she bangs her head as she gets in, she did not say a thing, all she did was fall asleep. After about 10 minutes she says can you stop at an A.T.M. machine please. The only A.T.M. machine I could find was in the Pentonville rd. When she got out she banged her head again. After waiting five minutes she’s still rummaging through her bag, still looking for her card I guess, I know she’s pissed but this is ridiculous, I checked the back of my cab and found her wallet. She paid me off and walked the rest of the way.


You don’t have to be a cab driver to reply in this blog.


Tell us about any stories you have. It would be nice to get some feed back.


Be lucky Steve.



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