Archive for May, 2008


One back for the good guys!!!!!!!!

Hello there hope you are all doing ok.
Well what have we been doing for the last few weeks. We had a week off and took a few days to move the boat from the boatyard where it was being spruced up a bit and found that we have a fuel leak that we are going [...]


Mayor of London

Boris did it” Mayor of London” he’s made a lot of cabbies happy or has he we will just have to wait and see. He’s got a lot on his plate, god knows how long before he tackles our mid term safety inspection, the sooner the better. An unnecessary expense to the cab trade. Before [...]


Harry Redknapp

Going back a while I picked up Harry redknapp and took him home to Hornchurch on the way there we where having a chat and Derek calls me, what a coincident being he is a Big Hammers fan. I can’t remember why Derek called but I told him that Harry was in the back [...]

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