A runner

I picked up this bloke from Friday street in the city, he asks me to take him to Harley street via a A.T.M machine. Of we go, when we get to Grays inn rd I points out an A.T.M. machine at Lloyd’s bank. As the guy gets out I told him I would have to park on the next side road, So I had to go round the block to get to it because of the one way system, when I got back to the junction of St chad’s st and Grays inn rd I waited for a couple of minutes no sign of him I thought he must have done a runner, after all there was £10.40 on the meter. I got out of the cab and looked over to where the bank was and I couldn’t see him. In the distance I could see this person running towards me from the direction of Kings cross He would have put Linford christie to shame, puffing and panting it was my man, he thought I left him stranded. (There was no chance with money on the meter he was having a laugh.) Anyway he got in and we were off again I said where did you get to he said I didn’t here you properly where you said you would be. He didn’t look to pleased and didn’t talk to me for the rest of the journey and then legalled me off.

Be lucky Steve.

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  1. Smillie One says:

    Ahhh… Hence the title of your blog “legalled off” Been reading from 2007, catching up. Most enjoyable

  2. Steve says:

    Thank you for your comment on this blog Smillie one, it’s nice to know we have regular viewers.

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