Where has everybody gone?

Hello everybody I’m back again.

Where have you been I hear you all ask, well it’s like this, I have been working but nothing of note has happened and so there is no point writing about nothing is there?

But I’ll try to fill a few lines just to let you know that I still care, (all together now AAAAHHHH).

I took last Monday, the 10th, off after West Ham managed another 4-0 defeat in the space of just over a week, I felt in need of a good few glasses of wine to get over it so thats what I did.

It makes you wonder though doesn’t it, if we made as many mistakes in our days work as these footballers do would we get paid at the end of a ride?

The rest of the week went along without any great excitement, I didn’t get my front bumper repaired as the garage were 3 men down in the body shop so I left it up to them to call me when they had a space.

Just reading Steves last 2 posts and his comments about the standard of driving and I have to agree it is getting worse. Lyn and I have spent the last couple of weekends going up and down the motorways of Britian, the reason for which I will let you all know in the next blog, and I can’t belive how badly people drive.

In a previous life I used to drive about 1000 miles a week on the motorways and although there were bad drivers and inconciderate drivers they were the exception to the rule but now they seem to be the norm.

Last week we went to East Yorkshire and I spent most of the 300 mile return trip driving in the outside lane because nearly all the other drivers were sitting in the middle lane doing 60 mph,over taking nothing, totally oblivious to what was going on around them. I am sure the highway code says keep to the left lane unless over taking.

It’s about time the old bill started nicking these people for driving without due care and attention, perhaps the Mayor of London could lend the highways agency some of his camera cars to film them and issue some fines in the post, just a thought.

This week has been  quiet it would seem that a lot of people have gone away for easter,either that or the “CREDIT SQUEEZE” has frightened them all in doors and out of cabs.

I did have a funny one this morning though. I took a cash job off the radio from Maida vale going to Finchley Rd,  you can see how quiet it was if that was the best job I could get at 3.30 am, when the customer got in I asked where to on Finchley Rd and she said the bus station to catch the National Express coach to Stanstead.

So off we go, she is messing about with her phone in the back and I am driving up to Golders Green listening to a great CD by a singer called Asa (Asha),  as we are going past the O2 center on Finchley Rd she starts shouting and banging on the glass. Whats up I ask, and she says we have gone to far and she needed to get out at the bus station.

I explained to her that the bus station was at least another mile or 2 up the road and we would be there in a few minutes.

No she said she wanted to get out at the bus station we had just passed. So I pulled over and asked what bus station and she pointed to a bus stop and said that one!

I did explain the difference between a stop and a station as she got out.

Well I did tell you it has been a quiet couple of weeks!

Thats it for now hopefully it will be a bit better and I’ll have a bit more to write next time.

Have a good easter and remember: in the words of big Arnie, I’LL BE BACK.

Cheers Del Boy

2 Responses to “Where has everybody gone?”

  1. steve says:

    It was nice to see Spurs give you a good thrashing del. It makes a change.

    When I went to Cornwall at the weekend it was the same for me cars stuck in the middle lane. and when you flash them they slow down but stay put. I think your right they should use cameras to nick bad drivers. Don’t hold your breath though.

  2. Smillie One says:

    Iiiiiirons ! Always hurts more when these ****s beat us. Don’t know why? They are due a claret and blue beating soon..

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