Frustrating Drivers

For the second time in three weeks my battery lets me down, I was ready this time though, or at least I thought I was .I purchased a 3 in 1 jump starter and compressor £19.99 from Maplin the electronics specialist .I connected the charger to my battery waited a few seconds and tried to start my cab, nothing dead as a dodo, I tried again still nothing, So I had to call the A.A. I digress” Three weeks ago when the same thing happened I tried jump starting from Errol’s Metro cab, that didn’t work either, but it did blow a hole in his oil sump. Not a happy man, thank god it had nothing to do with jump starting my cab, it was just a coincident.” When the A.A arrived they checked my jump starter and said it was ok. Errol said did you read the manual correctly I said probably not, anyway when I did read the manual it said that I should have left it connected to my battery for 3 to 4 minutes not seconds as I did. “What a plonker.”When I checked the built in battery meter it didn’t register even though the A.A man said it was charged, so back to the shop with it.

Two days later I managed to get another battery from my garage, “City Airport Taxis”, £115.00 for a heavy duty battery, I blew my top I said you have got to be joking, they said no not for this particular type. It cost me fifty pound more then two years ago. I said does it have a longer guarantee then normal they said no only one year. I thought what choice have I got I have to go along with it, I didn’t want to take any more chances with the one I’ve got.

On my way into work A lorry was blocking Upper Thames St, no real problem but the car in front of me wouldn’t go around him so I tooted my horn, no response, I was getting very frustrated, so I go around him calling him every name under the sun, maybe not every name but you know what I mean. I think it must have been paying £115.00 for my battery and I haven’t done a single job yet. It was getting to me. I don’t know why I just didn’t go around him in the first place, I think I must have wanted to take my anger out on somebody, being he was the first person that got in my way, he was the chosen one. I felt a lot better after that.

Until I pulled around the corner into Farringdon street, the traffic stopped at traffic lights, who was at the front but a cab driver letting his passengers out, they had to pay him before we could all move off. I could feel my temperature rising again.

I wouldn’t have minded if the driver used a bit of savvy, he could have asked for the fare before they got out, there would have been no problem with holding up all the traffic.

Anyway I’m all nice and calm now, so don’t be afraid to respond to this blog.

I won’t bite your head off, I promise.

Be lucky Steve.

2 Responses to “Frustrating Drivers”

  1. Kev says:

    I know what you mean about the frustration side of things when it comes to some drivers.

    I find most of them OK until I come across pedi-scabs in the bus lanes, particularly outside Hamleys.

    Was once encouraged by one of the boys in blue to get behind them a keep tooting all the way down until the get out of the way.

    Bet I know which one of us would get nicked though, probably for causing a noise nuisance.

    Be lucky

  2. Smillie One says:

    Consideration for all would make life so much easier on the road. I despair sometimes at the amount of mumptys at the wheel!

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