Lost phones and missed trains

Hello everyone, I’m back a bit sooner than expected but it’s been a interesting couple of days and I thought I’d share them with you all,plus there’s nothing on the telly and I’m bored.

By the way the diet’s been put on the back burner for the last few weeks but I’m back on it come Monday. Mmmmm salads again. I can’t wait!

So back to the funny jobs. On Thursday I came down to work at about 12.30 am and after getting stuck on the M1 for what seemed like ages I had missed the last of the London underground staff taxi jobs, so it was back to basics and started trawling the streets looking for the lost and the lonely trying to get home.

The first job was 5 young ladies from Oxford st going to the Swinton hotel at Kings Cross. They got in and I noticed that 1 of them looked a bit ill and I thought that she might be going to upchuck. So I lowered the rear windows and told her that if she was going to be sick to direct it out side.

We arrived at the hotel without any problems and with about £9 on the meter. The girls got out and had a whip round and gave me the exact money in change including £1 in 10p pieces.

I had almost got back to St Giles Circus when I saw a light on the back seat and on closer inspection I saw it was a mobile phone, quite a nice one actually an LG slide phone in a bright pink colour and very camp looking, I don’t know why but it made me think of Steve.

I put the phone on the dash board and thought that I’d drop it off the next time I went near the hotel.

After going up and down Oxford Street without any luck I thought I’d go along Tottenham Court Rd and see if there was anybody looking for a cab along there when the lost phone lit up and started flashing on the dashboard, so I pulled over and answered it and it was the friend of the owner .

I told her that it was safe and that I would drop it off when I passed the hotel or when I finished work if I didn’t get back over near there before hand. She seemed happy with this arrangement and said to call her when I was there and she would get the owner to come and collect it from me, ahah I thought there is going to be some reward for my honesty.

Anyway as I was sitting there a lost and lonely figure appeared at the window it was a young fella about 25 ish who he explained had missed his last train to Milton Keynes.

I thought that would do me, a quick ride up the M1, drop him off at MK and then back home in bed before 6. But it wasn’t to be, he wanted to go to a hotel.

So off we go down the Euston road trying all the big hotel chains on the way and not a room to be had, so about turn and down Upper Woburn place and still no empty rooms, the amount of times I heard him say there are no rooms at the inn I was starting to think it could be the second comming of the lord Jesus except that there was no pregnant woman or wise men or donkeys or big stars in the sky.

We then went to the White House in Albany St where he found a room but at £350 for the night he turned it down.

Where next I asked,hoping he would say Milton Keynes and put your foot down, but no he said lets try Paddington .

So off we go again this time to the Hiltons around Padders, still no rooms ,or rather no rooms that he could afford ,we then go to Sussex gardens as a last resort and while he went into a couple of the places there I couldn’t help feeling self conscious sitting in the kerb hoping that the plod wouldn’t think I was waiting for a lady of the night.

Result he had found a room that wasn’t going to bankrupt him.

Then we come to the fare, how much he asked £38 .80 I replied.

Can we do a deal he asks as he has had to pay for a night in the hotel and he is getting a bit low on funds. My reply is not one that I would like to put in print but it left him in no doubt that he would need to pay the full amount on the meter forthwith.

So back to looking for work, there was a job on the screen picking up in Elstree in 50 mins so I bid for it and to my delight I got it .

Now from Padders to Elstree it is straight up the Finchley rd but feeling charitable I decided to go and drop off the lost phone, so I called the girl who I had spoken to earlier and said to meet me outside the hotel in 10 mins.

When I arrived the 2 ladies were standing in the kerb looking cold and miserable. Here is your phone I say, all nice and friendly , thinking that thay would look kindly upon me putting myself out and reach deeply in to their pockets or purses and hand me a nice healthy reward.

But no, all I get is a big fat zilch and the girl whose phone it was, telling me that she was lost without it and that it was only a couple of weeks old and had cost her a fortune. They then disappear into the hotel leaving me sitting in the cab thinking that the next time that happens I will take the bloody thing to the police station and let the punter have the hassle of going there to collect it.

Well thats about it for now, I’ll be back soon.

Cheers Del Boy.

P.S if you like my ramblings or have any criticisms please leave some comments as it is nice to know that someone else is reading them not just me and Steve.

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  1. steve says:

    Derek If I change my favorite colour to pink you’ll be the first to know.
    Next time someone leaves their phone in your cab, do what I do and tell them you will drop it off if you get a job near them, normally the suspense is to much and they say i’ll pay for you to bring it to me. it generally works 9 times out of ten

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