Rush Rush Rush

As I was leaving the toilets in Regency pl a cab was just arriving, he passed the spot where I was standing, so I stepped out on to the road, and to my surprise, he backed up as fast as he arrived and just missed me I said that was a bit close wasn’t it ? all he did was smile and rushed into the toilet. ”A Man on a Mission.”

That was just one example of many instances of people rushing around.

Here are a few more.

Thursday the 28th of February was one of those days Buses pulling up and pulling out without indicating, cutting across the traffic, nearly causing accidents and in some cases causing accidents. What happened to curtsey on the road especially with so called professional drivers. They should bring back the London skid pad like the one they used to have in Chiswick. Teach the drivers how to control their buses. Also I think they ought to teach the drivers some manners on the road. There are a few obnoxious little gits that let the side down.

What about cyclists they also ought to learn some discipline and manners on the road. There are cycle lanes everywhere not all cyclists use them. A lot of cyclists still jump red lights, they don’t use the boxed area in front of traffic lights instead motor bikes do. Some use the bus lanes like they’re the only ones on the road it’s not until you get close to them and toot your horn that they realize what they are doing, in some cases to busy on the phone chatting. Just to finish my whinge on cyclists one thing I hate the most is the ones that cycle down one way streets the wrong way, if you say anything to them they either ignore you or give you the one fingered gesture.

Pedestrians are not much better. I find the most annoying ones are the ones that all of a suddenly turn without looking or stopping, step into the road. They must have some sort of death wish.

Even cab drivers are just as bad when it comes to bad manners and doing stupid things. I try not to follow suit. I was following a cab the other day, when he had to stop at a red traffic light. Nothing wrong with that you may think. With traffic behind me, he decides to let his passengers out, normally I wouldn’t mind especially if he’d taken the money first, No you guessed right he didn’t he waited for them to get out and pay him at the window. While all this was going on I was getting angry, I thought there is no need for it, all he had to do was pull over to the kerb. It takes all sorts

A quote

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity- Martin Luther King Jr.

Be Lucky Steve.

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  1. emf says:

    I just stumbled across your blog and love it. Hope to hear some more soon!

  2. steve says:

    Emf thanks for your response to mine and Derek’s blogs. We appreciate your comments.

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