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Easter weekend

No work for four whole days great eh!. The morning of Friday the 21st of March at 4.45 am I set of from Lesters house in Barkingside and arrived in Falmouth Cornwall six hours later, as you can imagine the roads were nice and clear.
I know I drive for a living but when i’m [...]


Where has everybody gone?

Hello everybody I’m back again.
Where have you been I hear you all ask, well it’s like this, I have been working but nothing of note has happened and so there is no point writing about nothing is there?
But I’ll try to fill a few lines just to let you know that I still care, (all [...]


Frustrating Drivers

For the second time in three weeks my battery lets me down, I was ready this time though, or at least I thought I was .I purchased a 3 in 1 jump starter and compressor £19.99 from Maplin the electronics specialist .I connected the charger to my battery waited a few seconds and tried to [...]


Lost phones and missed trains

Hello everyone, I’m back a bit sooner than expected but it’s been a interesting couple of days and I thought I’d share them with you all,plus there’s nothing on the telly and I’m bored.
By the way the diet’s been put on the back burner for the last few weeks but I’m back on it come [...]


Rush Rush Rush

As I was leaving the toilets in Regency pl a cab was just arriving, he passed the spot where I was standing, so I stepped out on to the road, and to my surprise, he backed up as fast as he arrived and just missed me I said that was a bit close [...]


Give me the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone hope you are well and earning enough.
The work is slow and I suppose the kipper season is still with us, either that or the doom merchants out there are right after all and we are heading for a recession, only time will tell.
I have had a few strange jobs lately like the chap [...]

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