Me and my big mouth

You thought I would have learnt over the years that if things are going alright I should keep my big mouth shut. There I was last Monday telling you all that the cab was running great and I had taken decent money for a January.

So on Tuesday when I got in the cab to go to work and I saw Lyn calling me from the bedroom window,aye aye I thought she loves me and wants me to come back in for some loving,but I was wrong I had left my phone behind and Lyn was just calling me back to get it.

So I get back in the cab to go and the computer in the cab wouldn’t log on so a quick call to dispatch and they tell me the 02 system is down and all jobs will be sent out manually. After a long chat I get an account job from Hammersmith to Croydon just what I need out to the borders of humanity and I haven’t had my jabs this year god knows what I might catch and all before 2 am

When I finish that I still cant log on so another quick call to dispatch and they tell me theres nothing doing for a while but to call back in 30 mins.

After a long trip back to civilization I did a turn around the city and west end without any luck so I called them back and got another account job this time from East finchley to Morden. I can’t believe it only back at work 1 day and 2 trips south of the river already. Normally I try to limit them to about 2 a year if I can.

I should have mentioned at the start of this piece that it was my youngest sons 16th birthday and I had said I would meet him and my elder son for a breakfast about 7 am.

So anyway there I am in Morden at about 5 am and decide to go back through Wimbledon and hope to get someone along the way that wants to go to the city so off I go and this time when I try to log on the computer springs into life

As I go along Wimbledon Parkside I get a street job going to Fulham, thats a start I thought and off we set.

The chap in the back decides he wants to chat so we get talking about life in general, just passing the time. I go over Putney bridge and turn into Fulham rd where there is a bit of Stationary traffic.

I put my foot on the brake and there is just a solid pedal and no stopping power,so I have to take evasive action and swerve around the standing traffic onto the other side of the road and come to rest against the opposite kerb. I looked round and the fella in the back was on the floor praying for forgiveness I think.

I get my breath back and ask if he is okay and he says he is just a bit shaken, so he gets out and walks off I didn’t have the heart to ask him for the fare.

I try the brakes again and there is some stopping power but you have to jump on the pedal so it looks like the servo has packed up again,we had a new one fitted just before Christmas so a least it is under warranty.

I decided to go straight to the garage as it is still early and there isn’t too much traffic on the road.

As I set off the computer decides to give me a job which obviously I have to decline. I shut the computer off, after 5 hours of trying to get it to work it was only on for about 10 mins.

I phone my son to wish him happy birthday and to break the bad news about breakfast,he was a bit upset but he understood.

I arrive at the garage and waited for the mechanics to arrive.

They get to work on the cab at about 8 .20 and find its not the servo but the alternator which has a vacuum pump fitted on the back and gives the servo its power.

9 am and £200 lighter I go back to work.

Weds and Thurs were the same ,the computer was still playing around and it was getting to be a right pain.

A quick call to the techies at driver services and they tell me that the system is working so it must be my unit so I did a reboot and it seemed to work just a bit slower.

Friday and off to work I go and the computer seems to be okay. The work is flowing and everything seems right again until I get ready to go home and hey presto this time the computer won’t shut down so I crash it and reboot it and it seems fine.

I got up for work this morning and sure enough the computer won’t turn on so another quick reset and away we go. After the days work today I went to the techies and he said there is nothing wrong with the unit but changed it anyway when I asked for his mobile number so I could call him at midnight if it wouldn’t log on in the morning.

As for the diet I am doing ok, eating lots of fruit and only the occasional bacon roll. I have also started swimming again so hopefully I will soon be half the man I am.

Cheers Del Boy.

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  1. Errol says:

    Croydon, the back of humanity!………….no jabs yet!!!………….You saucy tight wad bald headed git!. If you wanna see your youngests 17th Birthday, I suggest a retraction is in order. Failing that, bring your gloves and protection cup to Chelsea embankment.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lyn darling, you could have done so much better…..lol

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