Another year over

I don’t know about you but the build up to Christmas wasn’t that brilliant , apart from one week where I managed to earn 20% more. There were days when I took even less then normal, can’t really complain though I had a good year. I went to work on the 23/12/ 07 and that was it till the 02/01/08 a well earned break.

Well January is here and don’t we know it, I reckon to be the most depressing month of the year. As to be expected earnings are down, everyone is cutting back especially on Taxis, a luxury for a lot of people. In general still better value for money then the private hire vehicles and the illegal cowboys (aka mini cabs) or as we call them in the trade scabs.

Going of the subject a bit one of many things that happened to me over the years.

Have you ever been caught in an awkward situation, well I was. I was taking this lady to Prospect pl in Wapping and had to use my computer’s A to Z it was difficult to tell where the entrance was so I decided to enter from Monza st according to my map that was the way in so I entered through these iron gates into a yard with only garages so I turned round to leave and the gates closed. I had to explain to my passenger the situation, I found an entrance into some flats so I knocked on the first door I came to and this guy answered. I explained what happened, he said no problem I’ll come down and let you out.

He said that I must have followed someone in for the gates to open. I said there was no one else around that’s why I waited outside a while for them to close, after a couple of minutes thats when I went in. I asked him where Prospect pl was he said this is it. So the lady got out and payed me off happy to arrive at her destination.

Happy new year to you all. And Be lucky Steve.

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