Glad to be back?

Happy new year to you all,hopefully it wont be as bad as they all say it will.

Well its the first day back for me and it wasn,t as quiet as it could have been. I started off with a couple of decent account jobs and then a quick city airport all on tariff 3. Then stopped for a cuppa and a quick nap before going to Paddington stn and got a nice run to London Bridge. The day carried on like that ,not brilliant but flowing ,and meant I could go home fairly happy.

I did come to work once after Christmas but after having to jump start the cab at 2 am because the battery had died and then getting stuck on paddington rank for over 30 mins at 8 in the morning I decided that as Lyn was home for a few days I would join her.

We had the cab overhauled last week and had to have the exhaust done for the emissions, £1′410 for the exhaust and then another £1000+ for the overhaul, but the 20p extra we get for each job should soon cover that!

We worked it out the other day that if I do on average 10 jobs a day and work 5 days a week for 46 weeks a year that gives us £460 then the tax man takes his 25% which leaves us with £345 it only takes 4 years to pay for the system just about the time we are thinking about replacing the cab!

Hopefully it wont go wrong in the meantime!

We decided to have an overhaul as usual instead of going direct to have the cab plated,as recomended by the trade press, because we felt that the garage will have a better understanding of what the examiners would be looking for plus I am not a mechanic so its better that they get dirty not me. But I would be interested to hear from anyone who has presented their cab themselves.

I have to say a big thanks to my garage here as they have done a superb job on the cab and its almost as good as new, so well done to Jason and all the staff at Hexagon Uk.

We looked around for a long time for a decent garage that did what they said they would and after a lot of false starts with various garages in bethnal green and the surrounding area we were sent to Hexagon. We have been using them for 4 years now and have found them to be quick and efficent,plus they are the only garage I have ever used that charged me less for a job than they quoted because they managed to get my injector pump repaired rather than replaced. So if you are looking for a decent garage give them a go.

That should get me a free cuppa next time I am in there. ONLY JOKING!!!!!!

We did think about changing the cab instead of going for the conversion and went to have a look at a new TX4 before Christmas but we were not impressed with it or the sales team at M + O. Plus everyone I have spoken to seems to think that LTI are going back to a Nissan engine this year so we decided to keep what we have and wait and see.

When we dropped the cab off last week we decided to have a look in the sales in Oxford street. There wasn,t much to be had but I think it was the first time I have seen 10 cabs in a row with their lights on driving in convoy.

The fella at the back did look fed up though.

Well thats me done for today I am off to make dinner for me and Lyn. Its salad all round now as I have decided to loose a few pounds so expect the next few blogs to be full of healthy eating tips.

Cheers Del Boy

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  1. steve says:

    Nice to here your back working Del.
    I can’t believe you only paid 1′400 for your your exhaust that was cheeper then mine.I paid 2′200 and Errol & Trevor will pay just over 3 Grand each mind you thay do have Metro cabs. So it will take them a little longer then 4 years to pay back. I also found the work not to bad for this time of the year.Cheers del speak to you soon. Steve.

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